Telstra unused Prepaid Vouchers

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    Hi everyone,

    I was recently in Australia and had a mobile and prepaid internet with Telstra. I expected to stay longer than I actually did so bought quite a few $100, $50 and $30 vouchers for my mobile and my internet dongle.

    I have now left Australia and unfortunately, cannot make use of these vouchers anymore :(

    If anyone is interested in buying them off me, I'll discount them. I'm happy to send the code first as to not seem like a scammer. I can accept Paypal as payment.

    I was thinking of selling the $100 ones for $80, the $50 for $40 and the $30 for $20.

    If anyone is interested please let me know - I can send the code instantly so you can use asap.

    The prepaid vouchers were only bought last month, so they have an expiry date of August 2019.


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