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6 weeks to go!


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Hi, conscious we only have about 6 left of life in the UK. Apart from family and friend things and all the other stresses of preparing for the big move is there anything else people wish they had done before they went?


We need to move out our house a few days before we fly. So thinking we might get a hotel in the city and take in beautiful Edinburgh one last time although I’m sure we will still be frantically running about getting organised!


It’s going to be awful saying our final goodbyes to family especially my parents and MIL and think I will need a large wine/vodka on the flight! I wish we could skip all that until my folks come out to see us. Any advice on leaving parents/grandparents behind? :-(



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No advice. Last few days suck, no matter what you do.

We predered not to have a big airport goodbye drama. We said bye to friends 2 days before, some family 1 day bedore and close family on the last day. Then my mom and sister dropped us off and the train station. We couls then use the time in the train to deal with the last negative feelings and as soon as we arrived at the airport we started thinking about the fun that was ahead of us.

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