HD Fitters required in Perth

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    Hi I work in Perth for a large mining contractor (not in HR or anything),just putting it out there we are looking for HD fitters to work in our modern facility,

    We rebuild mining equipment, so looking for all kinds of skills from component fitters to working in the Heavy Earth Section.

    We have plenty of Perth based work and are looking for long term solutions to help out.

    Its a great place to work modern facilities good with safety and prospects.

    I have been here 5 years after leaving the Uk.

    Not sure if it would be of any interest to anyone on here


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    Hi Wooster, I see no ones replied, so I thought i'd ask the obvious questions. I'm a LV tech and work in place that does predominantly 4x4s, some of these things re akin to a Heavy and takes two of us to lift the wheels!! 

    Anyway, I digress, does your company help convert LV to HD? where in Perth is it? and what is the average pay?

    I have 31 years mechanical experience, ran my own shop in UK ,prior to that did apprenticeship with Peugeot before moving to Nissan as foreman and master tech.


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