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    hello friends!


    While I myself am actually from Perth , I have been away for well over 12 years. Now, I am coming home, but my concern are the services and schools for primary school children on the spectrum. My little guy is 8, autistic, and is currently attending a school for children on the spectrum. We also get an hour's occupational and speech a week funded by the state.


    What would your recommendations be for schools in Northern Perth[ Quinns Rocks area]?

    Where do I even start this process?and when? do I wait, do I do it now?

    If so, could I authorize my father, his grandfather ,to get the ball rolling?

    Please don't by shy, come say Hi, and looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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    I have a friend whose son has sever Autism and to be honest she seems to have to fight for any funding on a regular basis, so my guess is that you will need to apply for funding when you arrive for any services.

    I can't help with a recommendation for a school in the North.

    Other than looking and for a school, I would probably do that yourself (with no disrespect for your dad), but you'll  know the feel of the place and if your son would be ok there.  You will need an address in the catchment area to enrol in any school.  I'm guessing the school will also need to see any statements etc., for your son.

    Good luck with the move.



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    Until your child is enrolled in a school, you cannot apply for funds to support your child at the school, as the school has to be involved in the application.   It can be a long drawn out process for some reason, so be prepared for a wait.  

    https://www.education.wa.edu.au/web/at-school/supporting-childrens-learning/children-with-special-learning-needs.    This is the link to the Dept of Education information.   


    Info here about an organisation that supports children with Autism.

    I am not aware of any specific schools that cater just for children on the Autism Spectrum.  Most students seem to be assimilated into mainstream schools, except in severe cases where they attend a special education school that caters for all disabilities.

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    I work for a disability care services company and most of our clients have studied at Gladys Newton school NOR. They are all with mild and severe autistic conditions

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