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Debt advice needed - Urgent plz !


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Hey guys , before i am hung and drawn etc etc ....... please can i have some valid advice - please !

So Unfortunatley , our year in Western Australia had to come to an end - Mainly due to our son becoming very sick indeed ( wifes a paeds nurse so yes we know sick ) , We had to return to the UK!

money was tight so we booked one way tickets planning to return in 2 months . However we still had a couple of loans to pay in Oz and mobiles etc etc...... So we set up a standing order to transfer to our nab account.

So, alot of emotions - our son does not want to return ! its becoming a nightmare ..... all the money and time we invested getting to OZ ! 

We then had a major blow - my wifes father was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor  - which is as bad as it gets , terminal with 2 years hopefully left to live....... as a family we are strugling.

However back to our next problem - i dont know what happend if it was our bank , or my wife made an error ..... But the standing order must have been cancelled ....... we only found out when we randomly logging into our nab account . So next thing we tried to find paperwork and details of loans etc and spent many a night trying to sort - To find as it was 3 months the debts had been sold on!

We are now struggling to speak to companies that hold our debts , We are actively wanting to pay this money - but cannot not get anywhere ..... Very difficult to do whilst being in UK. One company actually said forget it - its to much hassal ? But we WANT/ NEED to pay our loans off ! 

So, ive email / rang debt advise companies in OZ but im not getting anywhere ...... Im thinking i may need to book a flight - just to sort this mess out !

So this is it guys , i know its our fault - and i ma being open to you guys if you have any advise . But at the time with our son being so desperatly ill and then my wifes father is dying - it just took our minds off the ball ! And jeez im so angry at myself !

Any practical advise please ! my biggest fear is they make us bankrupt - and i would hate that , as may effect future jobs , house , etc etc .

Im a hard guy .... i can take it ..... Advice please !

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Sorry to hear about your difficulties and needing to return to the UK.

If one of the companies has told you to "forget it" - get that in writing.

If you have the contact details of the company the debts have been sold on to - get assistance from a solicitor (you may need to get one in Aus - should be easy enough to do by email I would have thought) ... send a solicitors letter giving them a date for them to reply to you by for a payment plan ... at the moment, i'm sure your loan is amassing interest.

If you never intend to return to Aus - there is always the option to do nothing - only you'd have to live with the guilt of doing, if you did return to Aus then you could find that not paying causes you a heap of problems and as you say even though it's in Aus - applying for finances in the UK - you'd be lying if you said you had no outstanding loans (or court actions).


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Ah a solicitor ok i will look into this , thankyou . 

I am so angry at myself - its not the fact of not being able able to pay as money not a problem - its just trying to get somthing in writing from the other side of the world ! The worst is vodafone ! ..... Just a shame there arnt companies that can contact the firms we owe on our behalf .......... tricky tricky tricky.

But yep like you say , if i wasnt to return then - i could forget it ! But we where always planning on returning .

Thankyou @ali

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Obviously as we are in UK now i cant remember the companies names on Ozzy television that where like a debt management plan .... My other idea was contact one of these and try and get any interest frozen - the send money .

The big problem was - the companies basically where saying its to difficult to sort out whilst were in UK !  Just kicking ourselves !!! but like i mention - worst case is we take a holiday back over to try and sort , Just an expensive way of doing it !

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our son is so much better being back in the UK.  We felt home sickness and lack of support from his school where the start of his problems ....... Anyhow hes back with family and friends and seems so much better .

However for us - My wife had the perfect job in Perth , We loved the sun and miss the ocean so much ..... Gosh i must have swam in the sea nearly every day !  So we miss our time in Western Australia terribly.

We have been thinking weather we could even home school him and start a slow slow approach , the problem with our son - he dosent have any real interests . But we will see , miss Kallaroo fish bar , miss Mullaloo beach awww and scarbs beach  :o)

And being here in this drab winter in the Uk - Missing the sun !

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May as well close this thread ! All sorted ! 

Spoke to foxsymes that are basically contacting the companies for us - so we can settle amount . Also all interest frozen.

Credit rating battered over there ..... but never mind - we shouldnt of took our eyes off the ball!

Cheers guys ..... keep enjoying the sun x

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Hi Pegg,

Glad it’s all sorted and your son is feeling better.  

Don’t beat yourself up about it, anyone in the same position would have been exactly the same, at least you’ve been responsible enough to do something about it as soon as you realised there was a problem.  I’m so sorry things didn’t work out for you over here, but you gave it a shot and therefore won’t have to live with the ‘what if’ regret 

Keep on looking after your family, you sound like a nice positive person, keep on looking forwards and maybe pop over for a holiday when you’re all ready.

Sending you some sun ☀️ ☀️ ☀️.

Jen x


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thankyou guys , you are all very kind ...... we need to pop over for a year at least to get our visa's validated - hopefully if that year goes well then maybe extend for the next 20 years lol !

Infact mentioning that - i think i have another question ..... time for another thread :o)

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