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Shipping tools from the UK to Perth

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Hello all, I’m moving over in May and looking for some advice on shipping my tools to Perth. I was wondering if anyone’s had to do this or know of anyone that has before? Im a tiler, I’m looking to ship a dewalt combi-drill, a dewalt laser level, both with detachable lithium ion batters and a manual tile cutter. 

I’ve had a quote from a company but they claim they can’t ship the battery’s for some reason and I also can’t get a response from the airline I’m flying with if your allowed to put them in your luggage. 

If anyone has any information please take a second to share it with me.

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Mate, I'm a car mechanic and I brought my tool box containing lots of tools including a rechargable lithium impact gun, never mentioned the battery type just put rechargable impact gun. Arrived with everything else no issues, but then us mechanics have far more tools than you tradies, lol ;-). With regards to the airline, arent laptop batteries litium? if so the airline should have no issue with them in your hand luggage. Worth a call to confirm though. When I popped back October 2016 I bought some A/C parts for my car,fraction of the price in the UK,  a couple of bits were heavy and went in my suitcase but the alloy bits went in my hand luggage, no issues going through as I declared them all even though they probably looked sus on the xray machine. They did look at them, I showed reciept and explained what they were and all good. No interest Perth end which was good because they might of wanted import duty!!! lol

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