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Hi all - review below over the past few months - thanks.

Bringing up the rear, the Aussie dollar fare worst in the last week of Q1 with an average loss of 1.2% against its major counterparts. It lost twice that much - four and a quarter cents - to the pound, which was the leader of the bunch.

Part of the Aussie's problem was home-grown: disappointing jobs data showed unemployment ticking up to 5.6%. Part was exogenous: a broadening of the US administration's protectionist tariffs to include China and the appointment of the bellicose John Bolton as National Security Advisor.

Looking back at the quarter, the Aussie dollar has had the occasional move higher but overall has slumped in value versus the US dollar and the pound. Consumer confidence figures were mixed, posting a slightly positive result in March after a 2.3% drop in February. Similarly retail sales offered a mixed bag of monthly results.

Looking ahead to Q2 the pound will continue to be driven by the ongoing negations between the UK and the EU, whilst the prospect of a May interest rate rise by the Bank of England may add some strength to the currency.

Similarly the ongoing tensions between the US and China in relation to trade and tariffs will likely have a continued effect on commodity backed currencies.

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