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Approved business sponsors/TSS


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I am extremely interested in moving to Perth and have already touched base with a MA in WA, who has advised that, as I have turned 45, I would be eligible for the TSS visa, if I am able to acquire sponsorship with a company.

 I am currently working within the Construction industry and have done so for 28 years; I am a qualified bricklayer, which appears on the MLTSSL (ANZSCO 331111) and hold a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card, which provides proof that I have the acquired training and qualifications to undertake the skills of my trade. 

Is anybody able to offer advice on any approved construction sponsors and how you went about obtaining sponsorship.

I appreciate your assistance with my query.

Many thanks 


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Hi and welcome to the forum.  The TSS as you probably know is designed to temporarily fill vacancies in the short term when they have been unable to fill the position with an Australian.  Have a look on places like seek.com or find out names of companies and email them directly.  There is a thread about construction and whilst there are hints that this field is picking there haven't been as many jobs advertised it seems as in the past.

You will, it seems, have two hurdles - 1 to secure a sponsorship and the fact that your visa will only be a temporary one and if there are Citizens/PR's applying for the same jobs they will get priority.

We do have some members who've worked in this industry and they may be able to give you some ideas/sources to target.  Good luck.

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It would be hard to get a sponsor as a bricklayer as most are self employed, so not eligible for sponsorship. Also, under the new regulations you would need to pass a skills assessment. Have you completed a formal apprenticeship? A CSCS card doesn't mean you are qualified as a bricklayer. 

You need to be aware that as you are over 45, as pointed out to you, you are only eligible for a TSS. This is only a temporary visa, which would never translate to anything else. So, sooner or later you would have to move back to the UK. A TSS may be for one day to a maximum of four years. 

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On 25/05/2018 at 22:08, Nick said:

I am extremely interested in moving to Perth. I am a qualified bricklayer. I have turned 45


I'm afraid the cards are all stacked heavily against you. I know two bricklayers who were run off their feet until early 2015. One is now doing part time caretaking work and the other returned to the UK two years ago because he couldn't find anything here.

Most brickies here are self employed. House building doesn't work the same way here as it does in the UK. Developers don't buy land and build 100's of houses in one go. They sell serviced blocks and the buyer then employs a builder to design and construct a house. The builders generally sub out all of the trades.

House building was booming until a few years ago. WA had the fastest rate of population growth in Australia due to the mining boom and the relaxation of some of the migration rules (more trades on the most wanted list). This has now reversed and construction is suffering.

There is no shortage of construction workers in WA, if anything, there is an acute oversupply. It is highly unlikely that any company would be able to sponsor you because to prove they have tried to employ a resident, they would have to advertise the job and there would be no shortage of applicants.

Being over 45, you will never be able to become a permanent resident anyway.


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