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Still waiting.........12months on........


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So......last year May 2017, hubby was sponsored for a role in WA, we live in UK. Agent advised we were very straight forward application, no issues with personal history, health etc. Company had also previously sponsored so was registered with Dept of Immi and is an international organisation with numerous offices based through out OZ.

We lodged application for 457 for hubby, myself and 8yr old dd. Roll on today, we have only just received email from agent to say our nomination had been processed and granted. I understand the scrapping of the 457 has dealt us with some delays but seriously, I read some had still lodged their app's after us and had them granted within 4months.

How much longer will this take, please someone shed some light on this very frustrating situation. We've just been told that even though the nomination aspect has been granted our personal application may be declined.

Does anyone based in WA know what may be holding up this process or anyone be in a similar situation?


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