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Study English in Perth

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Have patience to read please.

I'm from chile.

I would like to study English in Australia for a maximum of 6 months.

I have nightmares about English. I'm bad. I have a basic level and I want to learn English well. English is everything. I want to travel alone, do business, meet other people, everything in English without depending on anyone.

I want to go to study in Perth at Milner International College Of English. How is this institute?

Why in Perth?

My goal to go to study. Go to a city where there are fewer Hispanics possible. To be able to learn English well and fast. Where I want to have the pressure that I am forced to speak English to be able to communicate or understand myself. Better said to survive haha.

Where can I develop mentally structural in English. Because I find it hard to think in English.
I researched a lot about the city of Perth and I like it and it catches my attention.
Generally all study English on the East side Australian, like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast or other cities. 
But the problem is that all my friends went to study English in Eastern Australia. Many Hispanic people were found. They learned English but not enough. As there were many communications in Spanish. It is not ideal.

Critics to Perth

I tell my friends that I am going to study English in Perth, but they have harshly criticized the city for:
- Boring city
- Why so far?
- There is nothing to do and you will get bored.Better go the other way. You will know more places and there are more things to do.
- You will get bored
- Perth is a dead city.
- Perth, where is this city?

I answer them, but if I am going to study from Monday to Friday of 6 hours of classes and more I have to study for the tests, tasks for the following evaluations. Then there is no time to get to know other cities.
Las distancias son muy largas entre ciudades. Minimo 5 o 6 horas. Pero despues de estudiar Ingles voy a recorrer todo Australia.

I also researched on the Internet and there are many good and bad comments from Perth. Well, no city is perfect.

As I am. 

I am a very calm person who:

- I do not like parties and discos.
- I do not consume alcohol and less drugs.
- I love make sports, in fact, I am an deportist.
- I like meet with my friends. Make roasted barbecue. Go to eat.
- I like to meet and walk.
- I love the heat and I hate the cold.
- I love beaches, I really like the beach style.

Then, the city of Perth is characterized for being a quiet city. 


In Perth it is a Mediterranean climate, in Chile it is also a Mediterranean climate, but there is more cold than heat during the year (7 months of cold and 4 months of heat). In summer it is a dry heat of 31ºC average. I think both cities have the same climate, I think. What do you think about climate Perth?

I hate the cold. But I love the heat and the sun that give me joy and motivation. But the cold, on the other hand, depresses the cold. I would like to go to a city where there is heat all year round, but little Hispanics.

I want you to be sincere

The goal is to learn English good and quickly, for that, I need to go to a place where there are fewer Hispanics. I like beaches and heat.

What does Perth say?
How's the weather?
Can you bathe all year?
In winter and autumn it is very cold or you can walk with a swimsuit and a shirt.
Do you recommend another city?
Is it really boring?
Worth it?

Is there another city or small city with good weather and beaches where there are fewer Hispanics?

Please help.



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It is great that you want to learn English by going on an overseas adventure. Your attititude is great as well, as you will learn English the fastest when you do not jump into a Hispanic community locally, but blend in with the locals.


You can walk in a tshirt during the day all year round. In winter (which is now) it gets cold in the evening/night/morning and you need to dress up properly. You can swim year round, but you will need a warm wetsuit during winter, late autumn and early spring. People usually don't swim during that period. The water is always quite cold compared to the east coast. The advantage is less deadly animals in the ocean ?

I think you summed up all the pros and cons about Perth. How true they are is up to your jusgement. Is Perth boring? I don't think so, but a wild party goer might think so. Do keep in mind you are asking this on a forum where participants generally live in Perth, giving you a skewed opinion in favour of Perth.

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