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New Kids YouTube channel - Streaming from Perth

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Hi all,

I'd like to introduce you to my daughter's new YouTube channel for kids.  We're new to Perth, and based in the Northern suburbs.  We're hoping the channel will entertain and educate kids as well as us showcasing our new life in Perth from Amelie's perspective.

Here's the link Amélie - Crafts and Fashion

If you like it, please give it a thumbs up/subscribe and share.  Also any constructive feedback would be appreciated. More content will appear over the coming weeks.

Best Regards



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Good luck and enjoy. Key is too post consiatently and to answer a problem/need people have oe to fill a void. Try to get some exposure, like you are doing now, when there are some more videos as well. Replying to videos which are watched often and which have the same audience can attract new viewers as well. Be genuine with your reply, don't mention your channel, just compliment them/be positive about their work.

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Thanks for your advice FOL.  At the moment it's a hobby, and an opportunity for our daughter to share her passion.  She's always dreamt of having her own YouTube channel.

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