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Plasterer desperately looking for work ??


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I have just recently moved to Perth under no illusion that the job market here is anything but great but desperately looking for work. I have had my own plastering business for 12 years but I am prepared to do anything to get a foot in the door. Any help/advice would be really appreciated as things are looking grim for me. 


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I know its not much help and below what you do , But a mate of mine went ceiling board fixing - as no one likes plasterboarding ceilings !!! however he got a lot of work and then got him more contacts and got his name around . 

I know its not easy ..... but good luck buddy 

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I'm not a plasterer but have you looked on gumtree yet ? 

What suburb do you live in ? if you are north of river get out and about around banksia grove, alkimos, butler, jindalee ( plasterers will be in these areas on new houses ) if you are south look around harrisdale.

$25 - $35 hour is about it at the moment

Even do a search on builders display homes ( Dale Alcock, Ventura, Blueprint Homes etc) because around the display homes there tends to be building activity 

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