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Hi Everyone


Just looking for a bit of advice on car seats, I’ve seen posts saying that Uk car seats are illegal in Australia so it seems we have to buy car seats when we get there. (We have a 2 and 3 year old.)


Just wondered did anyone take Uk car seats with them? I’m thinking it would be handy to get us from the airport to our accommodation on arrival and use them short term until we get car seats bought. Also we plan a few trips back to the uk and it would be useful to have them to take back and use in a hire car when we would be back.


We are happy with the car seats we have and feel they are safe so it’s not that we are planning to risk safety, we are thinking of talking them just to get us from the airport really, I know that if we hire a car we can hire the carseats too but we have done that before and we were not happy with the quality of the car seats provided. The seats we have can be secured using a seatbelt so no iso fix or anything like that.


Just wondered what others have done and if the majority opinion is to just leave there behind or did anyone take them and find they were useful, obviously we don’t want to break the law but I’d imagine the implications are more from an insurance point of view.





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