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Young professionals?

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Hi all have been offered a role/transfer to Perth from the uk.

having never been to the west coast or Perth I am trying to do my research and from what I can tell it’s a small city a bit isolated 

I am single guy mid 30s and wondered if there are many young professionals in Perth etc and it’s not a city that younger people move away from as soon as they are old enough etc.

i do like hustle and bustle but I would like to be in a city that has a social side so I can meet people etc.

Thanks for any help and info you can give


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Whilst not a young professional (lol), I don't get the isolation part.  Compared to Melbourne and Sydney- it doesn't have the same hustle and bustle and is sleepier.  My children are now 23 and 19 and neither are feeling that they need to go off to pastures new at this stage .. .I don't know of any mass exodus of young people, but of course people will move for opportunities be it travel or jobs.  

I guess, through work, you'll meet like minded people, if you have any interests then that lends itself to some socialisation.  I do know, that here, people tend to go out later - as we're heading home from the city at midnight the train is packed with people heading into the city.


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