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Newbie, any advice please?


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Hi there

i am brand new to the forum and I hope I can get a bit of advice. 

My partner is Australian and I would like to move over to be with him ASAP. 

Because we don’t live together at the moment we have spent the last few weeks (he has been to the uk for a visit) researching all the different visas, (I am 46 and don’t have a skilled job) so we are looking at me coming over on a tourist visa. We would live for  3 months in Brisbane and then 3 months in Perth (he will be working in the mines doing 2 weeks away and a week at home) and then possibly us both coming back to the uk for the last 6 months together, to get us over the 12 month Defacto threshold. 

Does anyone think this is a feasible option?

He is going to see a migration advisor in the next week or so but I’m feeling very low as he’s just flown back and I need a bit of something good to cling on too. 🤪 


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Thank you for your reply. 

Ive looked into it and Perth isn’t a state that recognises the relationship register. I spoke to an immigration agent today who said we had no chance of doing it that way as it looks too manufactured 😢

I said what about if  I live in Perth for 6 months on a tourist visa (leave after 3 and then go back)  and then my partner come to the uk for 6 months, so we have lived together for 12 months and he said no, it looked too manufactured and that I can’t just come and go on a 3 month tourist visa, I’ll risk not being let into the country. 

But we just want to be together and we are trying to find a way to do it, do it is manufactured because the law won’t let me just move over. 

Feeling very deflated and sad. 

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