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Merry Christmas

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On 24/12/2019 at 15:37, verystormy said:

To you, your family and all. Merry Christmas. 

Yup , i do hope everyone is having a very very merry chrimbo too !

merry xmas @verystormy

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Happy new year to you @FOL ...well the forum is very quiet lol ! So we are still in Blighty.

Still mega mega busy with work . never known anything like it - bizarre .... But cant grumble.

Our visa runs out end of Feb - But because flights are a complete nightmare , we have been told to find suitable date for flight and look at RRV ? ..... But only when we have flight sorted ( if that makes sense .

I must say, i follow a few guys like Soul surf in scarbs ...... and the summer markets on instagram , and it is really uplifting just looking at the photos on there , blue skys , blue sea and that big yellow Sun ! 

Yup , where ok - when we do make it back out weve decided this time to keep place in UK and rent in Oz this time round .

Hope you are well @FOL and still getting time for the sea 


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The endless blue sky is terrific alright.

does that mean you guys will go as soon as covid19 travel restrictions lay down? Or not sure yet @pegg?


I haven't enjoyed the sun at all! Last 3 months I have flown to Europe twice as my mom is not doing well. So 7 weeks in Europe, 4 weeks in quarantine and 4 weeks at home 😀 i'm released in 2 days.


I have surfed only once since june.. first it was winter and was away with my dirtbike each weekend. Then I had to travel. And now we are expecting another daughter in 2 weeks. So I reckon not much surfing either 😄 can't wait to sneak out for a short surf though.


Smart move to rent first. Hopefully things cleared up rentalwise by then. There is quite a shortage at the moment.


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Crikey @FOL sorry to here about your Mum, And with all this going on jeez !

But now youre telling me you have a dirtbike too !! Our friends of friends nr Bunbury have alot of farm land and we did alot of biking ...... never rode a dirtbike on sand before ! And man - so different terrain .

We had a bit of a heat wave here - So got a chance to swim right out in the Cornish sea......... trouble is our ocean is sooo cold !

As for coming over , our son is still dead against it ..... and is half way through A levels - But i dont know how they will do , as his Gcses where graded by teachers and marked down . Couldnt sit exams over here due to all this illness millarky ! So hope A levels it will get back to normal ............ But again i feel we will never see normal again , and thats a different chat lol !

So, yep ideally it would be great to return this year .  I was even looking at 1st class for all of us with Emirates - As 1st class travel had far less restrictions .... But well see .

And yep another lil one certainly takes up the free time .


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