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My mum would like to give me some money - yes!

Seriously, she wants to share some money out between her kids, but I am in Australia.  Thing is she has been keeping it cash in the house.  I still have a bank account in the UK but does not accept cash deposits from third parties.  Mum is in her 80's and is worried that if she pays it into her account first they will ask her where it has came from, its just been accumulated over the years but all these new banking laws are getting her a bit nervous.  How can she get it to me please

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i think cash less than £500 is ok . Or perhaps tell your mum to put it into her bank account and ask bank to transfer to your bank account. But being in her 80's she should not really go out as we are on lock down here in UK.

but once this is all sorted it should be ok. ......... But i know what you mean it is a nightmare , my mum wanted to put £1000 in my bank - however they would not accept it so she had to right a cheque instead ! 

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