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Accessing my Super via DASP

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I have now left Australia, I am 62 year old so can access my Super BUT Can any one shed any light on the Tax rates on accessing my Super, the ATO quotes" Taxable component - Taxed element" at 35% and " Taxable component - Untaxed element"  at 45%. Does this relate to if the payments were taxed when paid. (The figures quoted are for Non WHM as I was on a 457 visa)

Further to this, does SuperAnn'  earn interest while held by the ATO or is the value static.

Is there anyway to get in touch with the relevant department online as I am now based in the UK. They certainly do not make it easy to access your funds !!!

Also if I applied for residency through my kids, balance of family etc, would I be able to claim the Residents "Tax free element" which would be the whole of my Super?

Cheers, Steve.

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