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Universities in Perth

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We are living in Melbourne and both me and my wife work in IT. We are thinking about retiring in Perth buying a house away from the busy areas in a calm quiet place. 

However, we have 3 kids (9 yo , 11 yo , 16 yo). Though the schools seem to be OK in Perth I am not too sure how good are the UNIs in Perth. 

As my elder one will soon be jumping in toa UNI and others will soon follow , I am wondering if Perth has good Universities to the standards of Melbourne. 

I am hearing that most students from Perth come to Melbourne to do their UNI and that is not what we want after moving to Perth. 

Please share some inputs on the best UNI options in Perth and whether we can go ahead with our planned perth move without having to worry about the kids having to travel back again to Melbourne for UNI. Thanks. 

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The universities are excellent in Perth and it does depend on what you want to do as to which one you end up going to.  UWA is still considered the more elite (and harder to get into), not sure of it's placing now but was in the top 100 world universities.  When my daughter went there you needed a minimum ATAR of 80 for any course and an ATAR of 99 for medicine.  Curtin has an excellent reputation particularly for engineering (my daughters friend went there),  Murdoch has an exceptional vet program (think the ATAR for that might also be in the 90's).  There's also Edith Cowen and Notre Dame.  One of the reasons my daughter chose UWA was that it offered European Languages

I haven't heard that most students go interstate,  some do, but I don't think it's the majority.  My daughters friend did her BA at UWA, Masters in Canberra and Phd in Germany .. it sometimes depends where your course/qualification leads you.  There is also a large proportion of international students come to WA universities

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