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Mental Health - Application

Paul Campbell

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Hi Paul,

Mental health is treated just like any physical condition when it comes to the medicals and they'll be looking at potential cost.  As stormy said, it's worth  speaking to a good migration agent and one who may specialise in medical conditions.  Information that is useful is - how well controlled the condition is, hospitalisations, functionality e.g. working/studying (showing that the impact of the illness is small).   I've known people get visa's who've been in hospital in the past under the act but their symptoms well contolled and working etc., 

Good luck

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Hey Paul, welcome! Concerns about your wife's bipolar disorder and its impact on your immigration application are understandable. While I don't have specific experiences to share, Australia's immigration policies focus on assessing overall health and potential burden on the healthcare system. It's best to consult a migration agent or healthcare professional for personalized advice on navigating this situation. Best of luck with your application!

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