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457 visa

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Hello My boyfriend has got a job in Perth and we are due to go over in a few months.

Can anyone give any info to whether we will need to get private medical insurance? I have read various conflicting info.

Will i and our 13 month old baby be covered under his 457 visa?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Guest stevieb



Subclass 457 Health Insurance


From 14 September 2009, under visa Condition 8501, all new Subclass 457 visa holders are responsible for all health costs for themselves and their family. They will be required by law to maintain adequate insurance for these health costs for the length of their visa. Applicants for Subclass 457 visas will need to provide evidence that they have obtained adequate insurance before their visa can be granted.


For Subclass 457 visa holders, approved prior to 14 September 2009, the sponsor is still responsible for all medical or hospital expenses arising from treatment administered in a public hospital for the duration of the visa (other than expenses that are met by health insurance or reciprocal health care arrangements).



Not sure of the cheapest, but have a look at.


All the above links meet the minimum level of insurance as set out by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

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Reciprocal health care arrangements still exist, but you'd still require private health insurance initially.


If you are from a country with a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia, you may be eligible to access Medicare. Being enrolled with Medicare under reciprocal health care arrangements is sufficient to meet the health insurance requirement at visa grant and to comply with visa condition 8501.


You can only enrol with Medicare if you are in Australia. If you have enrolled with Medicare you should provide evidence that you have been issued with a Medicare card as part of your application.


If you are overseas, you must arrange adequate insurance for your initial period in Australia and provide evidence of this insurance as part of your application. You may be eligible to then enrol with Medicare once you are in Australia. Being enrolled with Medicare is sufficient to comply with visa condition 8501.


You should also be aware that once you have enrolled with Medicare, you need to contact the Australian Taxation Office to see if you will be subject to the Medicare Levy Surcharge. This might affect the type of health insurance policy you need to maintain while in Australia.

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