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Advice for Newly-Qualified Nurse........where to start the process??

Guest NicNic85

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Guest NicNic85

Hello I am a 26 year old Student Nurse from Surrey, hoping to qualify next

year (2012).


However, as it will just be me moving Down Under (I am not married, and have

no children), I do not know how to start the whole process! Therefore, would

anybody mind clarifying a few things for me?


First of all do hospitals in Perth take newly-qualified nurses from the UK,

I know that other States offer the Graduate Nurse Program, do WA?


Also, what is the best way to go around getting a sponsor and start the ball

rolling for my Visa??

I apologise for all the questions and very much appreciate it any advice

given :smile:




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Guest Daz0901

Hi there,when I went for my interviews,most agencies were looking for two years experience post registration. However, I have heard of people in my work who went after around 6-9 months and joined the hospitals induction typed programmes for new nurses. If you put your cv out to the various agencies, Ramsay,HCI,Navitas etc they will help you further

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