Air Freight Tools and tool box

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    Guest sunnywa

    I suppose it depends on how much your tool boxes weight?

    Emirates allows 30kgs of bagage per person , if that not suitable, it would probably be best to send you tools as unaccompanied bagage or freight as this would certainly be cheaper than paying overweight at the airport.


    Your best bet would be to approach a company like excess-bagage company in the Uk for a quote


    I hope that helps

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    Guest Guest4575

    Sounds expensive! Surface shipping out of the question?

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    Problem is he is still using his tools, could get them packed up end of next week but they have said to leave 6-12 weeks for shipping to arrive in Australia and then another 2 weeks for customs - was also advised that around xmas customs goes on a major go slow until mid Jan. We fly 3rd Dec but he will need his tools latest beginning of January so think it may a bit of a lottery if they arrive on time.

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    Hi Candice


    We shipped my OH tool box by sea. It was about 350 pounds and took about 5 weeks all in all. We shipped it on a pallet and we had space for about 4 tea chest size boxes which we filled with houe stuff as we had paid for the space anyway. We had to get them cleared by customs here which was about $300


    Air frieght would be very expensive



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    Guest Lucy G

    Leedslass sorry to be nosy but who did u ship with? We are only shipping few items plus hubby's tools and I really wanted that option of tea chests too but all the shipping companies gave us prices for half a freight which I don't think we are even going to fill. It'd be really handy to find out who shipped with please xx

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