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Any Nut allergy sufferers out there in WA?


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Just wanted to ask, my son has a severe peanut allergy, and has to carry around 2 epipens and piriton. Just wondered what its like over there in Perth area with regards to labelling on foods and general safety wise. If anyone has any children with this allergy, what the schools were like with their care plans? etc..


If anyone can help, that would be great

many thanks



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I've a nut allergy personally so would be interested to see how this develops as a thread in general. I've found restaurants are very good with it so far & also food is well labelled here.


However I should state I'm a difficult sod, I am fine with peanuts but other nuts (Almonds, Hazelnuts etc) dont mix with me.


I have a medi-alert band from the Uk which lists my alergies and also my emergency contact details but so far have not found an equivalent Australian version. If anyone knows about this please let me know?



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Guest bakercrew



My son is also peanut allergy sufferer. I have just enrolled my son into school and I made an appt with the deputy principal here to discuss the schools policy. As the school was brand new they very helpful. As like UK I have provided them with a spare epipen and my current bottle of piriton. (You will not be able to buy piriton here as it is not recognised here but a similar product is called PHENERGAN. I would advise to request all the notes from your gp or hosp regarding the allergy as the schools like to have all this. I was told by my UK consultant that the allergy info letter and details of how to deal with an attack would be fine and no other notes are required - this is not the case.


Thankfully my son has not had an attack here but the school is try to see if it can get funding to have a member of staff to sit with my son at snack/lunch times to ensure that he does not come in contact with any nuts. Although letters have gone out to all parents about NO NUTS and signs are up in his class room. Some parents do not give a damn and still give their kids nutella or peanut butter sarnis. My sons school is very on the ball and all staff are sent on courses each year on how to deal with allergy attacks.


All food packaging is the same as UK with regards listing ingredients etc so you wont have any issues there. I have only been living here since Nov and have not yet spoken to a doctor here about the annual testing for my sons allergy, still trying to get my head around the medicare and health insurance.


My uk consultant was very good with training my older daughter on what to do if her brother had an attack and how to use the epipen which I though was an excellent idea.


Have you noticed if your son is also now got an allergy to dog or cat hair. Back in UK we had cats and my son was fine, but since having the nut allergy he is becoming allergic to the cats and dog hair. At this moment in time I think it is just longhaired animals. We did not bring our animals with us (long story) and my son is no longer always snuffly at nightime and can breath better as well.


When are you due to come out and what part are you heading for.


If you go into any chemist, health shops etc they are always very helpful and caring. So please do not worry too much.


Take care Helen

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Thanks for the reply Helen, that was really, really helpful. It is reassuring to hear that it is much like over here with regards to labelling, etc. My son has the peanut allergy but he also has egg allergy that he is now outgrowing, thank god! But the Nut one I dont think he will outgrow, he also has dustmite allergy and asthma.


Currently his pre-school where he is at now, is very good with their care plans and staff....and he starts school here in uk in sept..so will be going through it all with them.

So hopefully fingers crossed when we finally get over there, we can have a similar experience. Your post certainly makes me feel more positive about it.


Funny you should say that about cats/dogs. We have just rescued a cat..and we have had it a few weeks now....so i am hoping that he is not allergic..but I have been abit worried as he has been abit snotty and coughing lately. Having said that, a cold/flu virus has gone through the household. So it hopefully is just that, only time will tell.

Rescuing this cat wasnt planned, so if she ends up being a permanent member of the family then we will need to look into emigrating with pets..although I do have a back up plan if this isnt possible...


Im a student nurse atm, so we are hopefully looking at coming over once I qualify, if I can get sponsored quick enough..if not then I will get abit of experience first then come over. Am looking at Perth area, as when we last over there backpacking, we just loved the lifestyle there. We have been looking at certain hospitals and area's. Thinking of maybe Joondalup health campus, and maybe looking at surrounding areas like quinns rock, etc.. I have heard these are all nice family area's?


Thanks so much for your reply you have put my mind at ease. Fingers crossed I will have the same helpfulness when i get there too..to keep our little ones safe x

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