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Guest speers85

butcher wanting to come to perth and have a job to come to if possible??

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Guest speers85

hi all!! im planning on joining up with my brother who is just on his way back to perth next tuesday.and i want to be out myself in the 1st week in march,i have a young family here and just want to see it and work as soon as i arrive so need a job to come to,so wanting to spread word on this and see if i get any good leads if possible??i have near 8yrs exp would love to know roughlly a take home pay for a butcher in that area also? thanks..

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Guest speers85
What visa are you coming on?


Hi. was just going to get 1yr working hol visa

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Guest speers85
You do know that your family won't be able to travel with you on a WHVhttp://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/working-holiday/417/eligibility-first.htmHave you thought of looking in the yellow pages (available on line) and contacting them directly ... you might be able to get something set up before you arrive.
Hi yes i am just coming out on my own and see if i can get a sponsor then afterwards bring family over. Thanks will look on yellow pages now. did contact scottish butcher but no work

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