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Guest GaleK

Primary Schools in West Perth

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HI, have decided that West of Perth CBD is where we would like to live. Can anyone tell me how I find Private & Public Primary schools and how they are rated. We are from the UK and currently have a 6 yr old at a British School in the Netherlands. We are not Catholics but would consider Christian schools, although Non-Religious schools would be best.

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Many people in the Western suburbs send their children to the local Govt primary and then transfer them to the private schools in year 5 or Year 7 - many of the private schools are single sex and this gives them a chance to mix with the other sex and save on fees. Although the private schools tend to have religious affiliations eg Methodist Ladies College (MLC), Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC) the religious side is not a huge component and they'll take nay one! Catholic schools are a bit more particular. there are many excellent primary schools and it depends where you are going to live - can you narrow it down a bit? Some choices - in Subiaco - Subicao primary and Rosalie Primary, Nedlands Primary, Dalkeith, Freshwater Bay in Claremont, Holywood, are all very good govt schools in the western suburbs. There are two co-ed private primary schools - Quintilian and Morelina , side by side in Mt Claremont. They don't have uniforms and are a bit 'alternative'. private single sex schools in the area that go from kindy to Year 12 and very difficult get into without having your name down at birth!! - Boys - Christ Church Grammar and Scotch College, Girls - MLC,PLC, St Hildas and Iona (Catholic). John XXIII College is an excellent k-12 co-ed private Catholic school - again big waiting lists.

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Excellent choice of location Galek, and a nice response from Sal.


Some wonderful areas in the Western Suburbs of Perth. A lot of the private schools mentioned above have impeccable reputations, however schools fees can be very high ranging from Aussie Dollars 12k - 20k per year, depending on age / year of child.


Personally I would recommend the suburbs of Floreat, Wembley Downs, Woodlands and Chruchlands. All beautiful leafy suburbs yet still quite affordable.

The local senior high school (public) is called Churchlands Senior High, and apparently achieves some excellent grades with a lot of students going on to further study at university. The catchment area for this public high school is quite large, with most local suburbs I have mentioned having primary schools that feed into Churchlands High.


Yet as mentioned by Sal, a lot of residents of these areas can afford to send their children to the large selection of excellent private schools that are available.

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