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Guest Cozzy

Worried Plumber/Gas Engineer !!!

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Guest Shacks86

I phoned more than 50 plumbers for a job after I gained my trades persons license with no luck at all. All of them asked for WA experience which I don't have yet my 10 years UK experience counts for nothing. I'm actually working as a pipe fitter on a mine in WA now. The money is great but the rosta is pretty tough, working 4 weeks on and 1 week off. Leaving my girlfriend back in Perth for a month at a time wasn't part of the plan but I was getting desperate and the cash was to good to turn down.

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Guest Andig

That's the trouble, they look after there own. But I would be the same I would only employ someone who I know or who is recommended as you don't want to employ a monkey!!!

From my experience in London the big national companies who chase big contracts are the ones who employ all the south African and Australians. When you work along side them they haven't got a clue, but people in this county all want the cheapest thing going or are afraid of being sued

as said before the uk would never be able to say only 5years experience in Uk, sorry no


so I think over the next year whilst I tie up all the bits in the uk I will need to be active on jobs in Oz.


But even with all the comments regarding work in WA I still want this for me and my family, so figures crossed and legs and whatever else I can cross, maybe a couple of lengths of tube lol!!!!!!

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hey mark, yer that would be good to have a drink and have a chat about the WA plumbing world, just doing my trades person licence now but thinking of going back on the mines as just got offerd another job on the old mine site i was working at this whole plumbing thing if doing my head in and should of just stayed with the broome plumbing comany i was with but owell sh*t happens, let me know if your keen for a drink mark, lukeplumber

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