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Advice Moving to Mandurah Next Year

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Hi everyone,


Myself and partner are moving to Mandurah next August on a 475 visa. I have chose this location due to been in driving distance on Bunbury if I were to find a job in my field. I know a lot of people on this forum say they are finding it difficult to find jobs, but im going to bite the bullet and just give it ago and hope that I find job in Mandurah or surrounding area’s.



Our flights are booked for the 22/08/13 and we arrive in to Perth on the 25/08/13 . This date is due to us saving funds, just in case we are unable to find work straight away. We are looking to bring about £20k for the both of us, does anyone know if this will be sufficient on there personal experience.


The problem I’m having is to find accommodation in the Mandurah area, It would be much appreciated if anyone would be able to advise me on the best way for finding accommodation in this area. I.e. whether its best to book a hotel/holiday apartment for 2-3 weeks (if so does anyone know any cheap places) I have found one place for £538 for one week ,or should I go straight in to renting? If renting how do I go about this from the UK.


Any advice would be appreciated



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Hi David, just going through the post that have been left unanswered, so lets see if I can help.


Mandurah to Bunbury is 100kms, with takes about an hour to do. However, if there is a crash on the road, the alternative route is very long and takes ages to do.


If you are looking at commuting but you still want to remain in Mandurah, then you are best looking at areas such as Dawesville or Melros.


For short term accomodation, you may want to look at either http://www.stayz.com.au or http://www.wotif.com


Currently, there are only 15 houses to rent in Dawesville http://www.realestate.com.au/rent/in-dawesville%2c+wa+6211%3b+/list-1?includeSurrounding=false&persistIncludeSurrounding=true


You will not be able to rent from the UK, there is a fairly high demand for houses in the Mandurah area.

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Hi David


We have recently moved to Halls Head and currently staying in a holiday rental. The prices of holiday rentals differ depending on the time of year. We contacted the owner direct and got it a lot cheaper than the site if you stay for about 4 weeks.



We have struggled getting a decent rental, there are some which are not good, and some which are great, but you have to go see the property before you can apply. Lots turn up for the nice ones.


Unsure on distance still, so cant help with travel.


hope you get yourself sorted.



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