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Relocation Allowance - Advice needed?

Guest Zmeggers

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Guest Zmeggers

Hello Folks


As part of my husbands relocation package with his work we have been given an allowance of $10k for shipping.


Pretty much EVERYTHING that we own needs replacing and my thoughts are what is the point in shipping over a load of stuff that we are going to have to replace anyway.


I want to ask the question if his work would be willing to give us the $10k to help toward furnishing a house but my husband suspects that his work may claim the costs of shipping back from the government using our receipt or something so all in all they are not actually paying for our shipping. Would this be correct? If so then i doubt very much his work would be willing to give us the cash value of our shipping allowance but if not do you think it is worth asking the question? You dont get if you dont ask eh!


Obviously we have some sentimental things that we would like to take but I would be happy to ship them over at a later date at our own expence.


Let me know your thoughts :-)


Thanks again

Gemz x

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Guest Zmeggers

Hi Mitch,


I wonder if they lose out somehow by you taking the lump sum instead of the shipping allowance...you wouldnt happen to know would you?




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Guest lozzchops

My husbands company wasnt worried once we could produce receipts.I have two schools of thought on this,like you our furniture was tired so we only shipped personal effects mainly for the children.The advantage was we weren't without furniture either side as we didnt have to wait for our container to arrive.Don't underestimate how expensive it is to replace your worldly goods,there are many deals to be had if you look around but it all adds up,we bought some new and some second hand but as no receipts for the second hand stuff couldnt claim this.Look on sites such as the goodguys to get an idea of the cost of things..The other thing to consider is that when our container left i thought if i never see any of that stuff again i wont be bothered there's nothing that cant be replaced,but three months later after living with the very basics my whole family was delighted to retrieve all our precious things and our rental finally became home.Dont underestimate how as human beings we need the comfort of our own "stuff"!!!! Good luck with the move!

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