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What school to choose private or state?


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We moved here on sunday and I need to get my 2 children into primary school, we are looking at settling in Meadow Springs or Lakelands in Mandarah and I was going to put my children on a school waiting list but have been advised not to put my children in to state school but put them in to private as State school has negative aspects when the children start state high school can anyone shed any light on this for me. Also she said that in private school the children attend the same school from Primary to finishing high school. Does that mean that if the attend state school they have to change schools when they are high school age like you do in the UK? I'm very confused about schooling here and this wasn't something I was expecting, Help.

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My lad is in his final yearof a state primary school, but will be going to a private senior school in February. One thing about Mandurah and surrounding areas is a lot of people say that the state senior schools are not all that good, but I think that may be down to the number of private schools in the area (4 that I can think of from memory).


From my understanding, the state primary school in Meadow Springs is good and it has only just been completed.

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When you look at the statistics on http://www.myschool.edu.au/ and also on the curriculum council lists of how high schools perform http://www.curriculum.wa.edu.au/internet/Publications/Reports/Statistical_Reports/School_Comparison_Statistics the State high schools in Mandurah don't do very well, and some of the State primary schools are below the national average. That's probably why you were advised to go private.

Some, but not all private schools go from Year 1 to Year 12. Many people have children in a state primary then go to a private high school, it depends what you can afford. Many private high schools have waiting lists so it's a good idea to get your child's name down quickly if you want to do this.

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