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moving with 417 and hoping to eventually achieve residency, can this be done?


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I am 21 and moving to Perth in January with a 417 temporary visa. I am a graduate geologist and would hope that if I get a job within mining a company would sponsor me. Has anyone done this before and if so is the process of moving from a temporary visa to a more permanent one easy enough?


Also anyone with any hints or tips for jobs in the mining industry, they would be greatly appreciated.




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So many variables I'm afriad. Yes it can be done (I did it) but you have to still fit the mould for sponsorship - i.e. have enough experience in the job you are looking to be sponsored in (usually 3 years I think) so at 21 as a graduate I'm not sure you would. Have a look on the immi website and see if meet the requirements for any of the employer sponsorship visas and then you'll know if it's a reality or a fantasy.

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