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Guest Bessie

Carpentry work

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Guest Bessie



My family and I are thinking of moving from Melbourne to Perth and just wanted to put a question out about work. My husband is a carpenter who would like to work on reno's, extensions, decking, pergolas etc for local builders or try and get some work himself, this is what he's been doing in Melbourne along with framing lock up and fix on apartments and an Eco building at a university. He's very experienced with over 19 years experience sub contracting in lots of differen carpentry jobs in Australia and new Zealand with a ute and all his own tools. By the time we get to Perth my husband will have had about 18 months experience working in Australia.


I work for Melbourne university part time doing admin so would like to live near ish to a university, however it's more important for my husband to get work.


Does anybody know where most of the carpentry work is or if there's a bit about, it's got a bit slow in Melbourne however my husband has managed to keep going with lots of different builders which has been fine, it's no way near as bad as the uk just a little bit slow. he's really pro active and if there's jobs out there he'll grab the opportunity whilst he's got the chance!


Thanks a lot,




Ps we are not moving because of work it's the weather!!!

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