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Guest nspark1

25 yr old electrician looking make the jump

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Guest nspark1

Hi all,


Its my first post, so please go easy.


Completed my city&guilds apprenticeship around 4 years ago.


Been thinking of travelling to aus for x amount of months to see how i find it. If i like it, then i'll apply for a working visa and then see what happens.


You read so many different views on what it takes/needs to work as a spark in Aus.


I wouldnt mind working as a trade assistant while things are in process, and also i feel you'll get an understanding of what it takes to spark in Aus without putting too much pressure on yourself.


Could some explain to me what the actual process is from getting in as a TA to becoming a spark.


Heres a few other questions that would be really handy to have answered....


How hard are the exams in Aus to get your license?


Cost from TA to spark?


Time it takes from TA to Spark?


Difficulty in finding work in WA/Sydney?


Is the standard of sparking higher in Aus than England?


Is it hard to survive on a TA's wage?


Any other pointers would be great.


Many thanks

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