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10 yr old birthday party


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My son's hitting double figures soon and he'd like to do something special.

Last year I took him and his friends karting and that was a great success. This year, with memories of Waterbom park in Bali still fresh in his mind he wanted to go to something similar here, he's done a laser tag type thing and enjoyed that but anyone have any other ideas?

A day burning energy would be good.

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Guest pommybob

Took our two children ages 10 and 11 indoor rock climbing recently and they loved it!

Can't remember the name of the place, but it was off Reid Highway on the way to Malaga and Groupon do offers for cheaper tickets.

We all had lunch and the prices were very reasonable.

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Adventure world?


My son loved the fast boat from Freo harbour - (as did we), great fun - you get very wet!! .. Fish and chips afterwards. They'd probably do a discount for a group booking


Adventure World will be closed (June)

Good call on the boat though. Is that the jet boat that zooms through the surf? Isn't it like 10 seconds of thrill for $$$?


I am sure that the aquarium at Hillary's does birthday sleep overs


That's a great idea too, I'll look into that. A sleepover somewhere is an awesome idea. I wanted to take them bush camping but my son said "But dad, you're from London, what do you know about the bush?"

It was a good point, well made.

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