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Looking for friends for my 7 and 2 yr old daughters SOR


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Hi all


Myself and my family moved from Scotland last May. We have all settled in really well however friends/local socialising was put on hold as we were living in temporary accommodation. We have recently found out we no longer need to move out and we are absolutely delighted therefore would love to start getting to know people around our area/join playgroups/general get togethers.


We live in Atwell in the Cockburn area. Let me know if anyone's interested :)



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Hi Jenni,

we are in Atwell also, our children are G10,B8 & G3 (nearly 4) they go the Harmony PS.

We moved here in 2007 lived in different suburbs but Atwell's home for now. If you'd like to meet for a coffee or at a park one day let me know.


Kate :)


Hi Kate :)


Yeah that sounds great...how long have u lives in Atwell? We live in the Harvest Lakes area and our oldest goes to Atwell primary school. Maybe we could arrange to meet during the school hols?


Let me know


Jenni :)

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