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  1. Mark6

    Looking to move over

    Thank you. We will definitely do that
  2. Mark6

    Looking to move over

    Thank you very much. Will get moving with it
  3. Mark6

    Looking to move over

    Thanks Both of our jobs are on the skills list
  4. Mark6

    Looking to move over

    Hi all We are a couple looking to move over I'm a mechanical engineer and my partner is a district nurse here in the UK. We are planning to come for a visit to scope things out job and house wise in 2020. Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark and Ruth
  5. It's that easy. I'm booking a flight now lol
  6. Thanks verystormy. I think I will be going through the agent route. Quite a few of my skills are transferable across different sectors so I'm hoping to strike it lucky in the job department.
  7. Thanks verystormy that's great help. Teesside is not in good shape at the moment with the closure of the steelworks. I'm in the process of starting the visa process just weighing up if I use a migration agent or do it myself. House up for sale. I was ideally hoping to get a job sorted prior to coming out but I know that this may be just wish full thinking. UTB!
  8. Also if anyone has a breakdown of the costs of the move. That would be a great help. Thanks
  9. Thanks monkey2645. I have l looked on both and I am lookin to go through the PR visa route. I am applying for jobs on seek as there seems to be quite a few interesting jobs in Perth. Maybe like some places it's not what you know but who. I'm looking for a relaxed laid back atmosphere and lifestyle love my sports and a few beers. My idea of "fun" is a laugh and good conversation with friends. Hoping I can make new ones in Perth.
  10. I am a mechanical engineer by trade with experience in NDT and analytical laboratory environment. Any info or guidance into any of these sectors would be most welcome.
  11. Cheers Scott. Yeah I know it's not going to be a overnight thing. Just wondering if anyone has been in the same situation as myself doing it alone. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Also any advice from anyone who has made or making the move would be most welcome. Cheers Mark
  12. Hi I'm looking to move over to Perth to start a new chapter in my life. I'm a 35 year old single man. I am a mechanical engineer by trade. Any advice or pointers anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark
  13. Mark6

    Teessiders in Perth

    Baton down the hatches time eh?? Could be a interesting few hours ahead.
  14. Mark6

    Teessiders in Perth

    HI, Sounds like you have it sorted verystormy. Us boro lads always prioritise pubs and beer . We have 2 young daughters and want to make the move for there future and a more outdoor lifestyle. It was glorious here yesterday (apart from having to paint the garden fence) and today it is torrential rain and 14 degrees lower.
  15. Mark6

    Teessiders in Perth

    I was wondering if there are any Teessider's over there in Perth?? If there is how are you finding it over in oz good or bad all thoughts welcome. We are looking to be over in about 18 months time visa application allowing. I am a mechanical engineer and would prefer to secure employment before arriving. Any advice or contacts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark