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    • 3/4 through hopefully you can see a light at the end of the tunnel!!
    • Thanks but renos 3/4 finished now...
    • Hi my husband is a plumber/gas fitter and tiler if you haven't found anyone yet feel free to get in touch. We are down in Freo.
    • I have got I touch with a MARA registered migration agent because he is busy moving house at the moment  he has given me the following guidance informally and free of charge which was very nice of him.  Hello Aaron, I have read what you’ve sent to me and if you want to live and work in Perth I think you want to apply for visa Subclass 190.   This is a permanent visa and is available to somebody doing the job you do.   It is points based. You get points for your age, how long you have been doing the work you do, your English language ability, etc.   As you are from Northern Ireland I am assuming you have either one of or perhaps both a United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland passport.  Either of these can be used to show that you are competent in English, but really you want as many points as you can get.     To get more points you can do an English language test to show you have what is called “Superior English”.  To get these points you need to do either an IELTS (International English Language Testing System), or an (OET) Occupational English Test, or a PTE (Pearson Test of English) test.   IELTS and PTE are available in Belfast, as at the following links: https://admissiontestportal.com/en/ielts/the-united-kingdom/northern-ireland/belfast/ https://pearsonpte.com/uk/   I have no connection with these bodies and cannot make a recommendation whether you should choose either.  You could make enquiries with both of them (or another IELTS or PTE provider) for an English language test as part of a visa application for Australia. Once you have your English test results, you will lodge what is called an “Expression of Interest”.     This is the first stage of the application process for the Subclass 190 visa.   This is where you’re saying that you want to be “invited” to apply for the visa. You can’t apply for this visa unless you’re “invited”.   Your feedback from the Australian Computer Society for your skills assessment, together with your English test results, will be submitted for the “Expression of Interest”.    There is no fee for lodging an “Expression of Interest”.  It is done online.   If your “Expression of Interest” is approved, you will then be “invited” to apply for your visa.     To be able to apply for this visa you will need to be “invited” to do so by a specific State or Territory to do so.  If you want to live and work in Perth, you will need Western Australia to invite you.  When you’re submitting your “Expression of Interest” application you will have a chance to confirm which States or Territories you hope will invite you.   In the meantime, while you’re waiting for your English test to be schedule, make sure you have all your educational and professional documents available and up-to-date (degree parchments etc).  When submitting your “Expression of Interest” you will need to confirm all your qualifications.  You will also need your full employment history for the past ten years (position title, employer name and address, dates of employment).  Also, make sure your passport(s) is (are) still current.  You will need to submit all of these things as part of your “Expression of Interest”.   I hope that is of some help. Regards,
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