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    • You agent is correct. It is very hard for anyone aged over 40 to get a visa and the a salute cut off for most visas is 45. Even for a 186 extra rules apply to anyone over 45 that make it impossible.  What is your occupation?
    • Morning guys , my name is Richard I’ve just joined this morning , im looking to move to western oz with my wife and children in the next couple of years , we have family who live in kalbarri and visited them twice in the last few years , this has made us want to move to Perth /geraldton , we came back from oz feb last year and started the process with a agent called the down under Center , we met up with them and got started , however after only a couple of weeks they advised us to stop due to the pandemic and that I just turned 43 , so now I’m 44 and we just can’t let this go , I rang them yesterday and they said my options are the 186 visa or potentially the 494 visa . But I’ve been told I would need a job sponsorship for 3 years to do the visa application , how on earth can I get that , Is there any advise anyone could give us ? Also my wife has just qualified as a dispenser at Lloyd’s pharmacy and is looking to become a pharmacist tech which will take some years to do ! Our family in oz have offered to sponsor us but because of my age that won’t help , any ideas ?
    • At present it is hard to say how things will be by then as it is likely there will be some shake up of system.  If you are intending for this to be a permanent move, then you are best to apply for a permanent visa. Most sponsored visas are temporary and come with a lot of issues. You would also obviously be in competition in a job search with locally qualified people. Part of the sponsorship involves an employer showing they are sponsoring because there are no locally qualified people. 
    • Hi all,  I am currently considering moving to Perth late 2022 (all being well with the borders). I have just gained my ACA qualification and am looking for  some advise on a few things. If anyone could help I’d appreciate it.  1. Visa - I am unsure whether to go out there on a working holiday visa and try and get a job on the hopes of getting sponsored by an employer within the year. Or I could start the process of applying for a skilled worker visa 189, however from what I’ve learned online this seems to be a timely process and I may not even get invited to apply. 
        2. Jobs - I currently have 5 years experience working in practice (1 year doing accounting technicians, 4 years doing chartered accountants exams), but have just recently gained my qualifications. I was planning on getting my qualifications assessed and transferred to chartered accountants Australia and maybe doing some CPD courses in the Australian tax system before I move. Would this help my chances in getting a job? Would my lack of post qualification experience affect me? If I was to take a lower level job on a working holiday visa (Assistance accountant/accounts receivable/payable) to gain experience in the country would this help with the possibility of maybe applying for the skilled worker visa while I am in the country? 
        Thank you in advance for advice given, really appreciate it. 😊 Aine
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