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    • I've done six x one day moves in the last 15 years and all I can offer is that it comes down to planning. Pack up all of your non daily stuff a few weeks before the move, pack everthing else you don't need for the last night on the day before. Sort out what takeaway meals you are going to have for breakfast, lunch and supper (don't try to cook on the day of the move). Get up really early on the day of the move. If relatives are staying with you, that's a bonus for them and you because they will feel as though they have contributed to your new life and they will have a great story to tell when they get back home. Simple fact is, it seems hard when it is in front of you but it will be behind you before you know it.
    • Hi @Amanda we are also in tapping and I know what you mean you don’t see kids playing out like you did back in the uk. Saying that my daughter is 12 and I never see her, always out with her School friends, maybe it’s different for girls. My 10 year old son will often spend time with his friends at the local park or in each other’s houses in the pool/trampoline, again maybe different due tho their ages. Also we are well engaged with sporting activities, running club etc 
    • So good to read your post, I moved here just a couple of months before you @Jen and remember all the pre moving posts, advice, support, worry etc so to hear how well you have settled is awesome. We will be having our 2 year anniversary in Oct and wouldn’t chance a thing. We have a beautiful house, both have 2 good jobs, kids settled into school, made some fab friends and of course the weather.  Love hearing the positive stories 
    • Hi, we had a holiday apartment for 2 and a half weeks and that gave us enough time to find a house, buy a car, enrol girls into schools, buy furniture etc so I would say that 3 weeks would be plenty.  We moved a 14 yr old and she settled straight away and has made a great group of friends and loves it here. Youngest went into year 6 and didn’t really settle for the first year but was happy enough.  As soon as she started high school things came together for her.  She still finds it difficult sometimes with new friendship groups etc but that would have happened in the uk anyway I think. Rental wise we got a reference from the estate agent selling our house saying what good condition it was in, together with a copy of our brochure with the pictures so they could see it, and a reference from my friend saying how nice the house was kept, what good neighbours we were and how well behaved the children were.  We had a bank account already set up with our house sale money in it and gave them a statement so the knew we would be good for the rent. once you have a rental agreement you can enrol in school but catchment areas are strict so you will need to check out the schools in the areas you are looking at.  You will need the rental agreement, confirmation of the set up of utilities at that address usually via email, passports and visas for the children and yourselves as parents.  It is a quick process and you will be able to enrol them during next term for a start for the next school year no problem Please don’t the nerves detract from the excitement, it is massive what you are doing but bit by bit it will come together and everything will fall into place.  Your head will spin for the first few weeks and months, but it will feel like home in no time.  It’s definitely the best thing we could have done and haven’t looked back. Best of luck with your final preparations Jen 
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