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    • Don't get me started on masks!   A good friend of mine died suddenly in February this year from wearing a mask all day at work for weeks.   She was a chronic asthmatic and had dispensation from her GP not to wear a mask, and didn't when out and about with exemption form in her bag.   However her employer refused to allow her to work unless she wore one, and being a single Mum of 2, she wore the mask for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  One the Sunday evening she had a major asthma attack whilst in the house on her own.  Her teenage children came back from spending the day with their Dad to find her dead on the lounge floor.  She was 39 years old.   So so sad. On a lighter note, she was a woman with a wonderful sense of humour, and when she and I were out shopping a few weeks before she passed away, I had a mask on and she didn't.   A bloke walked up to her and shouted at her "No Mask!"...... she quipped back "No nickers either"!    I will never forget the look on his face, and that will always be the lasting memory of my dear friend.  
    • What is funny , we have peaceful protests all through the year throughout the country , One of the biggest in london was estimated to be nearly a million people ( It was huge ) .......... Yet still not one has been shown on the mainstream News . However a knew kid is on the block - "insulate Britain" lol , now when just 5 people chain themselves to a lamp post crikey its on the news at 10 ! But again these are government lead protests which are going to lead to basically if your house does not have the right insulation then it can no longer be mortgaged ...... Again links with "the world economic forum" . As we know "sustainability" is the knew word which is the biggest threat to our modern way of living right now . But what the public see on the TV the public believes , Strange times old times . Oh i also do like the fact that masks where worn - Now the interesting thing about these masks that NHS staff wear or even the spotty cotton one worn at the school gates , Is these only offer protection for 3 minutes ........ Now lets think about this 3 minutes ! So you see people kicking off regarding not wearing a face covering , where they have had the same one in there pocket for 6 months !!! I cannot believe the stupidity in the human race . They have fell for this hook line and sinker. Also the problems caused by breathing in your own hot moist breath has lead to many elderly hospitalised.  So many Ex Army guys think the situation is so amusing , they have spent years training for chemical / biological warfare with thousands of pounds of respiratory equipment , yet the government advise for the most deadly flu in history is a paper mask HA HA ....... Gosh i could go on for ages . ( Also the last pandemic the world had - 10 people on average died in every street ? has this happened um nope lol )  
    • Thanks I will look into this.   I was at the Perth Rally yesterday as I had to go to the city anyway and decided to trot along to Forrest Place to see what was happening.   I was blown away by the huge crowds... so many more than the 10,000 the msm say were there, and when I got home and did some research, the numbers were estimated at 50,000 plus.  The crowds were not as the media state, "full of redneck anti-vaxers and antifa bullies", but were just ordinary Aussie Mums and Dads of all ages and enthnicities.   The whole thing was very orderly and well behaved.  People were polite to each other, and towards the end the Police were even joining in.   I spoke to a few people who were standing on the side like me, and some were medical professionals who opposed the vax because they had seen  the vaccine damaged in their wards and A and E's... and they were telling me stories that align exactly with what you have been saying.   Some people were saying they had taken the vax purely to keep their job and feed their families, so hated the coercion and mandatory issue.   Others were unvaxed and were prepared to stay that way with no job.... .    One theme that ran through all the conversations I had, was that it wasn't until earlier this year that a lot of people starting to get suspicious of the official rhetoric and starting putting their critical thinking hats on and investigating/researching the whole situation.   Which is me too actually.  I have to say that I admired the stance of these people really standing up to what they believe in, and for doing it in a respectful manner.
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