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    • @mike87 i've been lurking here for years n never come across your thread about something i loved doing when i was younger but had to give it up for practical reasons.- work, family, etc. though i suspect my non dancing partner may have something to do with it ūüôā for those not in the know, swing/lindy is quietly thriving in most major cities around the world. (i know there are groups in SYD and MEL but not Perth, so i am really glad for you post!) It used to be quite big in the late 90s in the U.S.¬†and was a counter culture to the then prevailing pessimistic 'alternative'¬†music scene. There are many aspects of swing/lindy dancing, but i think the most important one is it helps keep your body fit and your mind sharp if you dislike monotonous forms of exercise. ¬†Jean Veloz, who performed during WW2, is 93. ¬†Here is she recreating her routine in 2017: ¬† Blighty has quite a following of dancers and some really fine swing dance¬†bands. ¬†I think this band captured the essence of those heady 90s days¬†heady¬†in this tune. ¬†And yea, the band is Pommie.¬†Enjoy! ¬† ¬†
    • My daughter did teaching placements at both schools - she felt Willetton was far more results driven then Rossmoyne.¬† She also did an internship at Shenton whilst studying her BA and was impressed with their extra-curricular activities for students.
    • Jen I really appreciated the information, it was most valuable. And no it wasn't a bombardment. Hope your move has¬†been a good positive experience overall, with no doubt its ups and downs!¬† Gosh hopefully it'll be us also in a couple of years. Although I'm having a bit of a wobble at the moment! At least now I know Harrisdale not an realistic option, as I would want both my older children at the same school. I'm still edging towards Willeton I think!? Depends if we can find suitable rental, as I would rent first then buy if we decide to stay.¬† Do you think we could find a property in a week? Coming mid September with not much time to enrol especially with the kids holidays in Sep./Oct. as i imagine the schools will be closed. And wanting them to start in October. Can you suggest any good estate agents, any good or bad experiences?¬† Roughly how much do you pay for each child at Willeton? (if I'm allowed to ask)? Sorry I¬†feel that I'm bombarding you with my many questions now! Any suggestions etc are much appreciated. Many thanks Mahnaz¬† ¬†
    • Hi¬†again, We arrived about 16¬†months ago with no family or friends.¬† We wanted to be within a certain radius of the city where there were good schools.¬† We came with 3 high schools in mind - Willetton, Rossmoyne and Leeming.¬† My eldest was due to start yr 9 and my youngest yr 6.¬† We looked at houses in suburbs in catchment areas for these 3 schools and whichever house we liked the best - that's where they went!¬† Eldest ended up at Willetton and youngest at Rostrata - she's now also at Willetton SHS.¬† Rental costs aren't astronomical, ($550 pw for a 4x2 in Willetton) but it's a different story when it comes to buying.¬† This didn't bother us as we're open to renting for a few years and then seeing what happens. I work at a popular, sought after and successful primary school in Willetton, although for primary I'd stick my neck out and say they're much of a muchness really and I'd concentrate on a area for a good high school - if schools are you're priority - which they were for us.¬† In Willetton / Rossmoyne area they're all pretty good anyway.¬† Harrisdale SHS is very new (2017) and currently only has yrs 8 and 7 with a year group enrolling annually until the 2017 yr 7s graduate.¬† Therefore, your older children will not be able to go there.¬† The principle and deputy are the former principle an deputy from Rossmoyne when Rossmoyne SHS was leading the WA league tables for public school a few years ago, so indications are that it is going to be a good school, my colleague was certainly impressed when she went for the parent information night for next yr yr7s.¬† We are not ruling out moving there and moving my youngest there but that will be a couple of years off still.¬†¬†If you're considering Harrisdale then their primary school has only been open for 2 years and is very big with over 1000 children - and it's still growing.¬† I think the local High school would be Canning Vale College but it doesn't enjoy the reputation of Willetton or Rossmoyne.¬† From what I've gathered and heard is that Rossmoyne is more focussed on academic achievement whereas Willetton, although does extremely well academically has a more caring approach to students and offers more vocational courses for those so inclined.¬† We are certainly very happy with it. The booklists, school fees and uniforms are pretty standard in pricing I think, you can google the school's websites and have a look for the fees page, that will tell you what to expect.¬† There is one uniform shop in Willetton that caters for most schools in the area http://www.nellgray.com.au/Uniform-Concepts/Willetton-Super-Store If you look at the schools and the order forms you can see the prices.¬† It was a bit of a shock to go to this from buying a job lot from George at Asda!! The school age cut off dates are pretty much the same as UK even though the school year is Feb - Dec.¬† They are 01 July - 30 June so chances are your¬†son would still be in year 10 here in October.¬† He will have to choose his subjects for his 2 year exam courses to start in Feb of yr 11 with exams a the end of yr 12.¬† Again, you can have a look at the courses available to all high school students on the schools websites as from yr 7 they get to choose 6 courses (electives) a year (3 per semester up to year 9, and 3 for the whole year in year 10) in addition to their core subjects. Sorry if I've bombarded you with info!¬† If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. Jen ¬† ¬†
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