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  1. TheMackemSlayer

    Kinross Primary

    Hey Mark. Here's your update, hope it helps: So we decided not to rush things and visited a few schools on arrival instead. Kinross Primary was okay but we fell in love with Beaumaris Primary and now both of our children go there (and love it). We actually live about 300m from Kinross Primary so that one would have been easier, however we really value education and so went with our gut feeling after having walked around the schools. My advice would be to do the same yourself and see whether or not one stands out to you. We feel that we made a great decision and have no regrets at all. Happy to put you in contact with Beaumaris if you like? Cheers, Gary.
  2. TheMackemSlayer

    Skype assessment for Boilermaker cert

    Hey guys, Just wondering whether any of you have ever had to do an assessment via skype in order to gain boilermaker cert? I have applied for mine and will be doing this in the morning. The company I have gone through seem certain I will pass, however I can't help but worry anyway. Just really want to know what sort of questions are asked? Cheers in advance.
  3. TheMackemSlayer

    Three days in...

    Hey guys, just thought I'd post a little update on our move... So we departed on Saturday and arrived late Sunday night (flew with Garuda Indonesia and, despite some negative reviews, they were excellent), then began tackling things Monday morning - visited Visited the local ANZ to sort our bank accounts, got a car, sim cards and done some shopping. Yesterday we had a drive around in order to adjust to the roads here and applied for heaps of jobs, while today we've mainly just chilled with the kids and had a stroll along the beach. Tomorrow needs to be used to sort medicare and centrelink, although I hope we'll only be using the latter for a short period of time. Perth simply offers completely different way of life to England. I am head and heels in love with the place already. Bit of a long shot but if anyone on here knows of any work then please point me in then right direction. I have City & Guilds welding qualifications and experience in plasma cutting, as well as operating CNC drills and punches. Would happily take labour work for now though, provided the money is okay. Will post more updates as we go along guys.
  4. TheMackemSlayer

    URGENT! Any available visa avenues?

    If only on a tourist visa then couldn't she simply leave her pension as is and transfer money across when she pleases? Obviously this could become difficuly if moving permanently. I'll get on to John soon and see what he has to say. Thanks again Stormy.
  5. TheMackemSlayer

    URGENT! Any available visa avenues?

    Yeah Stormy I imagine she would stay with or without us. Her best friends are all Aussies and I know she has wanted to go back for many years now - us also heading out seems to have been the final push needed though. The more I think about the 600 visa, the more it is beginning to sound ideal. A quick flight out of Ox every 6 months really shouldn't be an issue and she wouldn't be working anyway. Would need to look into transfering her UK pensions over though.
  6. TheMackemSlayer

    URGENT! Any available visa avenues?

    Oh okay, that 600 visa sounds good as she wouldn't be working or claiming benefits anyway. Would she be able to buy a property etc with that?
  7. TheMackemSlayer

    URGENT! Any available visa avenues?

    Cheers Stormy. I guess she's screwed then. Seems mental to me how someone can live in Oz for so many years during childhood and have two Oz citizen children of her own yet still struggle to get into the country. Two years is a long time to wait.
  8. TheMackemSlayer

    URGENT! Any available visa avenues?

    Hey Ali, thanks for the reply. I actually looked into the contributory parent visa before posting this. Don't think that would be an option due to the fact that we haven't lived in Oz for two years and therefore couldn't sponsor her. She does have another child who has lived in Perth for a lot longer but unfortunately he and her don't get along. It would seem we're in a pickle.
  9. Hey guys, just a quick conundrum that my partner's mother really needs help with: So she's 59-years-old and trying to find a visa avenue into Oz. She has enough money in the bank to support herself and the majority of her kids in down under (although doesn't really associate with one and he would tip the balance). Having lived and grew up in Perth as a child, she left the country many years back due to a family issue in England and left it too late to return without having claimed her citizenship (oh how she regrets that). From what I gather she had one visa in mind but the processing time is 30 years or something silly like that, which is obviously no good. Any help would be massively appreciated guys.
  10. TheMackemSlayer

    Whats been the best flight deal?

    Yeah, will do. I've been reading a lot of reviews lately and their Boeing 777-300ER (advised that this will be our plane by Garuda themselves) is generally considered excellent. Not long until we go now so I'll provide an update for you once we've arrived.
  11. TheMackemSlayer

    2009 Mazda 3

    Did you ever sell this Bibbs? I could be interested if the price is negotiable.
  12. TheMackemSlayer

    Kinross Primary

    Ah, that's great to hear. We've seen another school in Currambine that could be an option and so have decided to go and look when we arrive. There's also one in Mindarie that's not too far away.
  13. TheMackemSlayer

    Kinross Primary

    Absolute nightmare, that. Looks like secondary schools. I am very worried now. Need to get this choice correct.
  14. TheMackemSlayer

    Kinross Primary

    Thanks a lot for that reply, Rossmoyne. You've really opened my eyes. I really wanted to enroll my son somewhere prior to us arriving in case we ended up isolating him from groups of kids who started earlier and have already made friends by not doing so but after reading that I've had a change of heart.