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  1. Hi all, I'm so confused... we have good private insurance, our local hospital is SJOG Murdoch, and Fiona Stanley right next to it. My son was unwell recently, so we took him to Fiona Stanley children's ED. It was all covered by Medicare. If we we need to go to the ED again, what's the difference whether we go to Fiona Stanley or SJOG? Could we end up with a bill for some things if we go to SJOG. I understand the difference if we are going for a scheduled op or treatment, but emergency treatment is confusing. Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone, really useful info. We're not looking at a new housing estate, just land in an established area, then building. It looks like the cost is about the same, whether it's new or old. I think it could soon add up with a new build. Thanks again!
  3. Can anyone who's bought recently please give me an idea of the hidden cots? It seems cheaper to buy land and build, rather than buy an older home. We have $60,000 saved, and also about $30,000 for stamp duty. My worry is that we'll be using all of our savings, so I really need the full price upfront. Is this possible? thanks!
  4. Thanks for your reply. I'm booked in to see an accountant next week. She didn't seem to know much about it when I spoke to her. I imagine with joint income we will be in the high bracket. Looks like we will pay, but I thought the private cover would cover this. I wouldn't mind but we've not even used the private cover.
  5. We were on a 457 for the tax year. We had reciprocal cover and paid $500 a month private cover, but I think we still might need to pay the Medicare levy, has this happened to others? I really didn't understand it. We're now PR but only since last week.
  6. Thanks guys, very helpful. Verystormy, you were also one of the first to give advice back in early 2014 when we were just dreaming about moving here. Thanks for all your help :-)
  7. Hi all, any advice appreciated. 186 just granted, do you know what I need to change with medicare etc? so far I'm thinking.... Ring medicare and change from reciprocal cover, find out about childcare as have 3 year old in nursery, is this through Centrelink? I'm confused about Centrelink and medicare, are they the same? Change private health cover.... Anything else? Breathe?! Thanks!
  8. Cat

    Where to meet half way?

    Yes we do, Melville. Absoutely love it, close to the water and the city, :-)
  9. Cat

    Where to meet half way?

    Btw fifi69, just noticed you have the same postcode as us, 6156!
  10. Cat

    Where to meet half way?

    Thanks guys, you're absoutely right, the price of flights to Dubai is just as much as UK. Probably not a good plan. It seems like there is no easy option to halfway. I know that's the price we pay to live in this wonderful country. We've only been here 10 mth, so still working out how we manage everything.
  11. Does anyone meet friends and family half way (ish) between Perth and UK? I'm thinking Dubai is a good option for a holiday with friends and only 1 flight each. But is there anywhere else? Any ideas welcome, thanks!
  12. Cat

    457 Processing Time

    We submitted on 17th June last year, it took 6 days for the 457. Good luck.
  13. Just wondering about the current processing times. My employer submitted the nomination on 17 March, not accepted as yet. I have front loaded all paperwork from our end, so just waiting. Has anyone been granted recently and if so, when did you submit? Thanks!
  14. Really varied experiences, our 457 took 6 days in June 14, submitted 186 on 17 March 15 and heard nothing as yet.
  15. Cat

    Childcare costs

    We pay 113 a day, but we are on a 457, so half that cost with PR and the rebate. We are in the Melville area, so close to the city. Imagine if you go further SOR or NOR then it's cheaper.