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  1. Furnished short term rental

    I'm in touch with them already, waiting for confirmation on the price!
  2. Furnished short term rental

    Yep, nothing suitable [emoji30]
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a furnished rental from 4th-14th November in the Northern suburbs if anyone can recommend anything? Ideally with a pool for the kids [emoji4]
  4. Holiday Rentals

    We're booking flights for 3rd November from Manchester
  5. Holiday Rentals

    We've promised the kids a pool [emoji30]
  6. Holiday Rentals

    Looked at those but she doesn't have pools in the houses she has available [emoji17]
  7. Holiday Rentals

    Thanks will look at those. [emoji106]🏻
  8. Holiday Rentals

    Looked, can't find anything I like [emoji17]
  9. Hi all, had our 189 granted this morning. We're heading to Perth early November, arriving on the 4th. Can anyone recommend a holiday rental?
  10. Suburb recommendations

    Would like to be close to good schools, not too far from the beach, newish house [emoji16]
  11. Suburb recommendations

    I've been looking for a map which shows all of the suburbs off so I can start crossing ones off but I can't find one!
  12. Suburb recommendations

    I understand that it is a political subject [emoji57] It's good to hear people's experiences good and bad so I have a list of places to look at before we arrive [emoji4]
  13. Suburb recommendations

    Hi pip's, we are hoping to land NOR when we arrive. Can anyone give any first hand recommendations, where to avoid etc [emoji4]
  14. Obtaining a USI number

    Hi everyone, I have been trying since Saturday to lodge our vetassess application online but first I need to obtain a USI number, this is proving difficult. The site was down all weekend and since yesterday every time I add the passport details it says they don't match the information I have added but it is identical! [emoji35] <br /> Is anyone else having these issues? [emoji15]<br/>
  15. We are really confident that he meets the criteria. Just unsure where to start. [emoji15]