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    Nurse telephone interviews

    Well thats the interview done with. I had questions sent to me 15 minutes before they rang. There was 3 questions: 1. You are looking after a patient who the ICUConsultant is considering commencing Continual Renal Replacement Therapy(CRRT). Please outline your clinical understanding in the setting of AcuteRenal Failure and the pathophysiology associated. 2. You are coordinating a busy 30 bed ICU on themorning shift, the unit is full at 30 patients and the ICU Senior Registrarcomes to you and demands that you take a direct admission from anotherhospital. He is abrupt and does not seem interested in discussing this withyou. Please outline your actions including rationale in dealing with thissituation. 3. You have identified an area of practice thatneeds to be improved in the ICU. How would you go about addressing this? It was nerve wracking it was my first telephone interview and the first question was hard to answer they wanted it based around a patient scenario that you worked with and how you looked after that patient while they are on CRRT rather than the actual pathophysilogy of ARF. The other 2 questions were easy to answer and i had previously looked at these topics of conflict resolution and change/patient safety. Interview lasted 25-30mins and i had time at the end to ask them questions about the hospital and when critical care will open at FSH and if they will offer me a 457 visa if sucessful at interview. Here's hoping i done enough to secure a position need to wait 3-4 weeks. I dont want a job anywhere else so i will be super excited if i get it! Thanks for the help Ali and good luck Claire!
  2. Lsuther1

    Nurse telephone interviews

    Thanks Ali. My interview is tomorrow only found out yesterday so need to prepare all day today its for ICU so i would expect some sort of scenario question. I have had an email that says i will be sent the questions 15mins prior to the call by email.
  3. Lsuther1

    Nurse telephone interviews

    Anyone had a telephone interview recently for a nursing job. I have an interview coming up and would like any information on types of questions/scenarios that the panel asked and if it differs from NHS (UK) interview questions etc. Thanks Lynne