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  1. Hi Does anyone have any actual experience of completing the Double Tax Relief Agreement between Australia and Britain and completing the form? I'm interested in know such thing as how long does it take from completing the form to seeing your UK tax code changing to zero? how does the UK tax office notify ATO of payments at zero? Patrick
  2. Hi Nutnudger and Danny we live in Cardup with our two boys Alfie 7 and Felix 3 1/2 keen to meet like minded folk not sure how this works? Patrick
  3. Patrickragan

    Time to make new friends

    Hi Even though we've lived in Perth now for ten years I’m new to the site, we are looking to meet some English families. We have two boys Alfie 7 and Felix 3. It would be great to meet some other families for play dates etc. One of the Kings Park play areas always offer a central location. Anyone interested please drop me a line and lets take it from there. Cheers Patrick
  4. Patrickragan

    Couple new to perth looking for friends

    Hi, new to this site. Sarah and I been in Perth ten years and between work and being blessed with two sons Alfie 6 and Felix two our social activities have taken a back seat. Interested in meeting and experiencing British humour.....what's happening soon on the social scene? Oh Sarah from Manchester and I'm a Geordie from Newcastle, just read thread we live south, Cardup so mullaloo isn't going to work for us. Is is anyone interested in meeting mid way, say Kings Park, synergy park always good for a barby and kids play ground