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  1. Becs1970


    Hi, yes I am on fb under Rebecca Steele please feel to add me! I assume you are too? I would love to meet you in the city x
  2. Becs1970


    Hi Helen, It would be great to meet up! I am a young 46 year old and love socialising and meet ups. I am based in East Vic Park
  3. Becs1970


    Hi Sarah, Would be great to meet up! Where are you based? What do you do? Do you have any kids? Becs
  4. Becs1970


    Hi Jen. Sounds good! Let me know when it is best for you!
  5. Becs1970


    Hi I have nearly been in Perth now for 2 years. Looking to meet up with girls for fun days and nights out!! I am 46 years old and am married. I have a 17 yr old boy and 12 yr old girl. Missing my girly friends back home in the UK for shopping, socials, eating, drinking etc. Would love to meet up with some fun loving females!! I am located in East Vic Park
  6. Hi We have now been here for 2 weeks and living in Victoria Park. In our mid forties, have a son aged 15 and daughter age 10. Would love to meet up for a coffee etc Becs
  7. Becs1970

    Just Arrived in Burswood

    Hi I am new to PP and arrived last week. My husband and I are in our mid forties. We are located in Burswood and I have a 15 year old son and 10 year old girl. Would love to meet new friends and families with similar age group as kids.