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  1. Mindarie college

    All being well my daughter will start at mindarie senior college in January. Does anyone know much about the school or have a child starting at the same time? we're still in the uk till mid January.
  2. Citizenship

    I'm aware of the changes to those on a 147 sponsored visa, but my husband just hard a rumour from a mate that there's talk of 4years changing to 8? Has anyone else heard of this?
  3. Shipping

    We have doree bonnor coming round next week. We used them 4years ago and they were fine, 8 wks door to door.
  4. Dog transportation

    Has anyone used petair? Just had a quote, now trying to decide between to the two packages they offer, gold and silver. There's over a £1000 between the two. Has anyone had any experience with them , is the gold package worth the extra?
  5. Moving after GCSES

    My daughter is meant to be taking hers next year. We were going to wait until next July until we move! But after speaking to the school we'd like her to attend, we were told GCSES don't can't for much is anything and it would be more important that she arrived for the start of year 11 end of January!
  6. Shipping

    Ok I'll reword that......any recommendations! This is will be our second attempt at emergrating. Last time we used Doreen bonner, no issues great service. This was 4 years ago!
  7. Shipping

    Cheapest shipping company? 20ft container.
  8. Failed ielts twice. What next

    Took my husband 7 attempts....don't give up!
  9. Expired visas!!

    Need to be in Australia!
  10. Expired visas!!

    I have a question that I hope someone out there can shed some light on this for me? Our visas are valid till 29th may next year. We moved to Perth 2013 but due to homesickness we returned to the uk! Anyway we wish to return but our issue is that my daughter will be sitting her GCSEs and my son alevels may/June so obviously this will be after the expiry date! When we spoke to our agents she informed us that we could get 3 months grace. Unfortunately there have been issues with the agent we used. Thanks inadvance
  11. Leaving a child behind

    So true. It's a very selfish age, they can't see beyond their own needs. And before you know it they've grown up and are off doing their thing. we bought him and his sister over 3 years ago, my husband struggled and we returned to the uk. He was happy in Perth at the time, but he's settled back here and doesn't want to leave.
  12. Leaving a child behind

    We'll make him come out with us and try and get an extension on his visa and hopefully he'll hang around a little longer.
  13. Leaving a child behind

    Has anyone had to leave a child behind in the uk? When I say child I'm talking 18! we are desperate to move back to Perth but our son who is 16 at the moment has no interest in returning. We need to be bk in Perth by the end of May 2018 before the visa expires,by which point he'll be 18. i hope in time he'll change his mind. But we don't want to give up the visa when at the end of the day your children grow up and do their own things in life! advice would be much appreciated
  14. 16 year old boys😩

    That's really tough, I feel for you! Today we've had tears and tantrums, which is good as it clears the air to a certain point. He claims he hated Perth and was miserable. He had his off days like everyone but he was settling. I get where he's coming from...we dragged him out there and dragged him back. Now we want to do it all over again!
  15. 16 year old boys😩

    Unfortunately he's not kept contact and is refusing to do so!! Good teenagers