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  1. Cornishpoms13

    meet new friends, school info Quinns rock

    Hi I’m in quinns, at home on my own. Been here since January (second time around). When we were here 4 years ago my daughter went quinns Beach primary. Like you my husband is fifo so if you want to meet up for coffee give me a shout[emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Cornishpoms13

    Meet new friends

    Hey, sorry only just seen this! We returned as my husband will put his hands up and say he’d made a mistake not giving it enough time to settle, we were only here a year! Our daughter is doing ok, but we’re only 6 wks in so it’s early days! Sorry to hear your feeling homesick, how long have you been here? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Cornishpoms13


    Any newbies in the quinns Rocks/mindarie area?
  4. Cornishpoms13

    Meet new friends

    Mostly definitely. At the moment I’m not working so I’m available most days
  5. Cornishpoms13

    Meet new friends

    Without sounding desperate I’m wondering if there’s anyone who’d fancy meeting up for coffee. Myself 37 husband 38 and 15 year old daughter moved over 3 wks ago. This is our second time living in Perth. We were here 4 years ago , but due to husbands homesickness we went back to the uk. I had a good circle of friends, most of which I have seen since we’ve been back, but it feels different. Im in quinns Rocks
  6. Cornishpoms13

    Mindarie college

    All being well my daughter will start at mindarie senior college in January. Does anyone know much about the school or have a child starting at the same time? we're still in the uk till mid January.
  7. Cornishpoms13


    I'm aware of the changes to those on a 147 sponsored visa, but my husband just hard a rumour from a mate that there's talk of 4years changing to 8? Has anyone else heard of this?
  8. Cornishpoms13


    We have doree bonnor coming round next week. We used them 4years ago and they were fine, 8 wks door to door.
  9. Cornishpoms13

    Dog transportation

    Has anyone used petair? Just had a quote, now trying to decide between to the two packages they offer, gold and silver. There's over a £1000 between the two. Has anyone had any experience with them , is the gold package worth the extra?
  10. Cornishpoms13

    Moving after GCSES

    My daughter is meant to be taking hers next year. We were going to wait until next July until we move! But after speaking to the school we'd like her to attend, we were told GCSES don't can't for much is anything and it would be more important that she arrived for the start of year 11 end of January!
  11. Cornishpoms13


    Ok I'll reword that......any recommendations! This is will be our second attempt at emergrating. Last time we used Doreen bonner, no issues great service. This was 4 years ago!
  12. Cornishpoms13


    Cheapest shipping company? 20ft container.
  13. Cornishpoms13

    Failed ielts twice. What next

    Took my husband 7 attempts....don't give up!
  14. Cornishpoms13

    Expired visas!!

    Need to be in Australia!
  15. Cornishpoms13

    Expired visas!!

    I have a question that I hope someone out there can shed some light on this for me? Our visas are valid till 29th may next year. We moved to Perth 2013 but due to homesickness we returned to the uk! Anyway we wish to return but our issue is that my daughter will be sitting her GCSEs and my son alevels may/June so obviously this will be after the expiry date! When we spoke to our agents she informed us that we could get 3 months grace. Unfortunately there have been issues with the agent we used. Thanks inadvance