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  1. Hi all, Thanks to all who wished me luck and replied! Yeah I got on really well with the interview. They asked for my references, which my boss has replied. I have since been asked to do all these pre-employment checks, international criminal check, occy health, working with children checks and lastly ahpra. I asked HR who was sending me these emails, that this all sounds quite promising ( as I'm sure normally we get these after we have been offered the job) she said that I am the 'preferred applicant' but can't progress my application further until these checks are in place so they are now awaiting AHPRA. Which im now bit worried about as Ahpra is arsing me around...so I guess time will tell... Good to hear you are working with them Maitwo, whereabouts? What department? Did you have a fairly easy process when you got recruited? Would love to hear more from you? Will keep eel you all posted! X
  2. Hello, I have a nursing interview at the above hospital on Tuesday morning! ? just wondering if anyone had any advice for it. Or any feedback on the hospital?? I'm abit nervous!! Many thanks sarah
  3. Hi everyone, Well I have finally sent off the dreaded ahpra, I posted it to perth office, and from looking at the tracking, it's arrived at perth and in the process of being delivered. What I want to know is, I left my bank details on the application form for them to deduct all the fees. how quickly do they process this payment? Do you get an email confirming they have received your docs and going for payment? I just don't want it sitting in my account for long in case I accidentally dip into it with my other bills? Just wondered what the process is? X thanks sarah
  4. Hello there, I am looking at moving to Oz, hopefully next yr, when I qualify as a Nurse. And am interested in Mount Hospital in Perth. Just wondered if anyone had any experiences there that could share? Also any family friendly safe, suburbs with good schools that would be a commutable distance to there. Potentially NOR as my hubby maybe getting a job near joondalup so maybe somewhere in between?? If you can offer any advice would be great! Many thanks Sarah
  5. Hi everyone, Was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this hospital and whether or not its a good hospital. I'm currently looking at them as a potential employer? Many thanks Sarah
  6. Hello, Thanks for the reply Helen, that was really, really helpful. It is reassuring to hear that it is much like over here with regards to labelling, etc. My son has the peanut allergy but he also has egg allergy that he is now outgrowing, thank god! But the Nut one I dont think he will outgrow, he also has dustmite allergy and asthma. Currently his pre-school where he is at now, is very good with their care plans and staff....and he starts school here in uk in sept..so will be going through it all with them. So hopefully fingers crossed when we finally get over there, we can have a similar experience. Your post certainly makes me feel more positive about it. Funny you should say that about cats/dogs. We have just rescued a cat..and we have had it a few weeks now....so i am hoping that he is not allergic..but I have been abit worried as he has been abit snotty and coughing lately. Having said that, a cold/flu virus has gone through the household. So it hopefully is just that, only time will tell. Rescuing this cat wasnt planned, so if she ends up being a permanent member of the family then we will need to look into emigrating with pets..although I do have a back up plan if this isnt possible... Im a student nurse atm, so we are hopefully looking at coming over once I qualify, if I can get sponsored quick enough..if not then I will get abit of experience first then come over. Am looking at Perth area, as when we last over there backpacking, we just loved the lifestyle there. We have been looking at certain hospitals and area's. Thinking of maybe Joondalup health campus, and maybe looking at surrounding areas like quinns rock, etc.. I have heard these are all nice family area's? Thanks so much for your reply you have put my mind at ease. Fingers crossed I will have the same helpfulness when i get there too..to keep our little ones safe x
  7. Thank you Gwnkta, I have emailed you Thanks for also the later replies, it nice to see some alternative views to balance it all out abit, at least by having a rough idea, like you say you can make your mind up more, once you are there...very helpful x
  8. Ahh brilliant thanks very much for the posts, these have been really really helpful!! JaynBev I will start working my way through that list See what we can find! lol xXx Its been really helpful to have an idea of areas to avoid..as how horrible would it be, after many years of yearning for the dream of living your life down under..only to find you have ended up in the worst suburb!! argh!! lol So thanks it is really appreciated xx
  9. Hi all, I have just been chatting to some old friends I have in Perth, and they currently live in Ridgewood..and me & hubby are hoping to emigrate some time in the next 18mths to 2 yrs, all being well. I have been looking at the Joondalup area as this is possibly where I want to work...as I will be a Nurse and quite fancy working at the joondalup hospital. Is Butler, Ridgewood, merriwa, clarkson, quinns rocks, mindarie and joondalup all good areas to be looking at ? We will be a family of 4, we have 2 boys, aged 6&7 when we arrive, would like good schools, fairly close to the beach, safe environment, etc Any info would be great? Many thanks
  10. Hello, Just wanted to ask, my son has a severe peanut allergy, and has to carry around 2 epipens and piriton. Just wondered what its like over there in Perth area with regards to labelling on foods and general safety wise. If anyone has any children with this allergy, what the schools were like with their care plans? etc.. If anyone can help, that would be great many thanks Sarah
  11. Hi, im sure I read on ramsay health or WA board, that they are crying out for midwives and are offering sponsorship?? So its worth checking out..Im a student nurse and qualify next yr, and am hoping to do the same! Good luck!
  12. Hi, Im a student nurse..and I also dont qualify points wise to come in under normal skilled route. So I am hoping to get sponsorship when I qualify too..hoping to get on one of those grad programs if I can. If not hopefulyl on a sponsored 457 visa or PR one. However, when I have been researching i think it was ramsay health? Or WA health board were crying out for midwives if i remember? So I would definitely enquire with these..as they would probably take her as a newly qualified and sponsor with any luck..its worth a shot! Good luck!
  13. Hello I just wanted to pick your brains, if you didnt mind. Me & my husband are hoping to emigrate in the next 18mths, all being well. I am currently a student nurse, so when I qualify am hoping to get over there. My husband however, currently works as a warehouse supervisor. He has worked in a warehouse for the last 3 yrs, and as a supervisor for about 2 i think? I see the message you put on here above...obviously this doesnt apply to us yet..but I was wondering what are the prospects for this type of work over there in perth, and what sort of areas would my husband need to be looking at, and what kind of salary would he can expect? Is there things he could be doing atm to increase his chances of getting this type of job when we get over there..Just thought Id ask, as until now we have just been looking at all my nursing stuff,as I will be the main applicant...but it would be handy to know, as his salary is still paramount to us living out there.. If you can maybe help, this would be great. Many thanks
  14. Thanks for the posts and advice guys! I think some hospitals give abit of a relocation package, but from what I have read it depends on if you speciality is in demand, and if its a private hospital, etc..If I could I want to come over onto a grad program, and I very much doubt they will assist on that..as i will be lucky to even get on one of them..so im going with the fact, that I will have no assistance and then, anything extra is a bonus! Better get saving then! x
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