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  1. Hi There I know this will have been asked before but I'm getting easily confused by the different answers who may or may not have a different visa. So here goes My wife and I are on my 457 Visa. We have applied for and received a yellow (visitors) medicare card. What we now want to do is get extras + ambo cover so we can drop the expensive full medical insurance through iMAN. I attempted to sign up online via HBF but they didn't seem to like my Medicare number... is it because it is a visitors card? Any help would be most welcomed, this is the final piece of the move puzzle!!
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    We have just moved into a friends house in Morley while we is off on travels for 12 months. Being the the typical bachelor the garden is a bit of a state. My wife and I would like to tidy it up a bit and thought the easiest way to do this is to get someone in to give it a sort out, trees trimmed etc. could anyone one recommend a good company to go with that won't cost a fortune. It is a rental after all! Not going to plough loads of money into! Thanks David