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  1. Hi everyone After some healthcare advice… Up until recently my husband and I really rated the medicare system and being fit and healthy we put of private health care (some would say stupidly). We always said we would eventually get it once we were properly settled and definitely before the end of the tax year even if it was just for basic cover. When we were thinking of starting a family last year I asked for some advice on people experience of the medicare system and got some really positive responses so thought well that’s what we would have done in England (NHS) then we will do it here as I believe I would have a low risk pregnancy as I was young fit and healthy, and again stupidly put off getting private healthcare. I think I always associate private health care with the wealthy as back at home (well in my life anyway) everyone just used the good old NHS and didn’t have private healthcare. It was my first pregnancy and I conceived with no problems, went to my bulk billed doctors’ appointments, blood tests and ultrasounds and still thought the service was pretty good. I had a bit of a wait (several days) to be squeezed in for my ultrasounds but nothing major. Unfortunately on my second scan they found there was no longer a heartbeat and I was going to have a miscarriage. Unfortunately my experience of the service I was provided for my miscarriage was horrendous. The service I received after that ultrasound was terrible, endless waiting, no emotional support was offered. Nothing was explained on what had happened/ what was going to happen, I was even kept waiting for my D&C for 12 hours (fasting from the night before) and they ended up treating me for dehydration before cancellation my appointment as they were ‘too busy’ and I wasn’t deemed as an emergency. This happened the next day too, waited then sent home and rescheduled. My husband and I decided that the experience of a miscarriage is hard enough without the terrible service that we would opt for private health care so if the unimaginable would happen again I would be better looked after. Now not ever having private healthcare before here on in England I stupidly didn’t realise there was such a long waiting period of a YEAR! I know the sensible thing would be to wait for that year to be up so I know I’m covered but if any of you have ever experienced a first pregnancy miscarriage you will know that all you want is to be pregnant again as soon as your body/doctor says its ok to do so (3 – 4 months). Does anyone know what other options I have? How much it costs to have a gynaecologist without private healthcare? What cost I would be looking at to have the baby in a private hospital etc? Any healthcare with a shorter waiting period? I am more looking at having the same gynaecologist to look after me in my progression through the pregnancy for the scans, check-ups etc as I know I will be very anxious about possibly losing another one. I actually don’t mind having the baby at a normal hospital if I have had a healthy and normal pregnancy. Now I know we are stupid for not arranging it sooner and not making it one of our priorities when we moved here but would really like some advice on our best options are if anyone has any? Thank you for taking the time to ready my post
  2. Hi everyone! Looking for some advice/ info from all you mums and clued up mums to be out there I relocated to Perth just over a year ago with my husband and we are hoping to start a family next year but know nothing about how everything works here from being pregnant to when the baby arrives and what help you can get as everything is so different here to the UK and have no mummy friends to ask or no family here. I’m a big planner and like to know as much information as possible, so making the life changing decision of fingers crossed starting a family I thought It would better know a little more about the financial side of things that I can’t read up on in books and feeling a little anxious about not having any family here to call on for a helping hand when needed Ok starting at the very beginning…. Pregnancy Are your doctor’s appointments covered by medi-care and do they include everything you need? If not how much do they cost roughly?... I am absolutely clueless Once the baby arrives I am currently employed full time but I’m not sure if my work place provides maternity pay, do you get help from the government? If so how does it all work, how long for, roughly how much etc? Returning back to work Once I am ready to go back to work what are my childcare options? I will have no help so will need potentially childcare Monday to Friday 8-4pm, do you get any help towards the costs? What are the best options childcare style centre or private care? There are prob loads of other questions I should be asking and stuff I have forgotten about…. Like I said I’m very new to this and don’t have a clue so any guidance would be so much appreciated. Thanks! Emma
  3. Thanks for all your replies. Turns out you don't need a referral from a doctor and I have been recommended a few places via pm as well as on here. Thanks for your responses
  4. Really? Clay pigeon shooting and game shoots were massive where I lived. Had to surrender our guns and licenses when we left. I have heard there are gun clubs in Perth, not sure what type of shooting they do.
  5. Ahhh thanks for the info didn't know that. Do you know roughly the prices they charge here? X
  6. Hiya my husband and I moved to Perth from West Sussex 6 weeks ago and are looking for couples to socialise with. We enjoy socialising together in groups and we are 28, chatty and outgoing. Love going out for meals, drinks and anything active! We live SOR. We know Perth quite well due to living here before 5 years ago. My husbands hobbies in the uk were: shooting motocross crossfit golf And mine were: shooting crossfit fashion and beauty We both love going to the beach, kayaking and have two little pooches. would love to meet similar minded couples to socialise with and make new friends as we found it quite lonely last time we were here! :cute:
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    Question for the ladies... And possibly men! i used to have Botox and occasional fillers in the UK with a registered nurse who had her own private clinic. Mine is starting to wear off and now have the dreaded task of finding someone good. Any ladies out there able to recommend anyone? I live SOR but would be willing to travel for the right person. thanks!
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