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  1. benw

    Taking tools in luggage vs shipping

    Yes I've spoken to a shipping company who have said that if the battery is on the drill it will be ok. I'm only taking hand tools but they are quite heavy. I'm thinking an extra suitcase with tools and clothes in lol.
  2. Hi all I was just pondering on the idea of taking my hand tools as an extra bag when I fly. I've been quoted over £200 to ship my tools over and it takes ages. I will be needing my tools as soon as I get to oz so should I just pay for an extra bag to go in the hold?? Has anybody else done this ? We are not taking much stuff with us so will not be having a container etc. All other items that we need can be posted over when we are settled. Any comments or advise welcome. Cheers ben
  3. benw

    Forums for the kids?

    Hiya. Just wondered if there's a forum for teenagers that need help with the big move? thank you x
  4. HI ALL I've just sent all my evidence off to vetasses and am awaiting a reply. Has any body on here sat the skills assessment for a fridge engineer recently as the only comments i can find are from around 3 years ago and it was done in London.? From what i can gather its a bit like the FGAS course with a bit of fault finding thrown in. I've been in the trade since i left school back in 1995 so have a few years experience behind me. Also i have been told that i will have to do some sort of gap training for my arc tick license and this will involve an electrical assessment. I am fairly competent with fault finding but im far from an electrician. should i be brushing up on ohms law etc? also any guidelines on expected salaries any help or advice appreciated.
  5. benw

    Making the move soon!

    hi yes the sponsorship is for PR with a refrigeration company working in woolworths. we cant believe it as it was the first job that i applied for and was told at a jobs fare that sponsorships are hard to come by .
  6. benw


    Hey guys, New to this site so just having a look around. We move out to Perth June 2016 time. Husband to be has currently got all of his paperwork ready to be sent to vetassess. Has anyone else dealt with these before? Thank you in advance Cara, Ben and
  7. Hiya, We are new to this! Husband to be has just landed himself with full sponsorship to the lovely country of Australia! We have the choice of where we want to go and we have chosen Perth. We will venture over end of June 2016. Our son will be 16 and will be taking his GCSE's in May before we pack up to start our new life. We also marry in 11 weeks so only small things happening for us this year! We moved into rented accommodation so we are fortunate we don't have a house to sell. We've decided to sell everything and literally move over with what we can carry! This wasn't meant to be happening just yet but when you have an opportunity like this handed to you.....you take it! Really looking forward to checking out this page and catching up with everyone else's stories. Cara, Ben and Curtis xx