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  1. Hi All, I was just wondering what books people have used to revise from for the theory test of the skills assessment. This is the only part of the process I'll really struggle with as I'm not the sharpest tool in box and i hate revising so I'm up a bit of a creek without a paddle. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
  2. Hi All, I'm Just writing to try and get an idea of what the situation is like with regarding to electrician jobs or more importantly in my case the opportunities for electrical trade assistant roles. I'm due to make the move in March as my prospective marriage visa was approved recently and i'm a qualified electrician in the UK i'm happy with the understanding of the process to get approved over there i'm just wondering if it's still as hard over there as what I have read about previously. Is it best to try and get on the books with a company or go through agencies to get the work. Any information would be greatly appreciated and if anyone would be willing to maybe help with a few company names then that would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hello All, Bit of background on my situation, like everyone else i'm a qualified sparks in the UK just recently left the Army and now working for a large Electrical contractors. I am going out on a prospective marriage visa so for the visa I don't need to do the assessment but to be able to work as an electrician no matter what visa you go out on you must go through the same process to become a licensed sparks out there. As you can see by the title I've got a few queries about the skills assessment. Firstly if anyone on here has gone through a company called 'The Down Under Center' i would love to know what you thought of them they sound very helpful but like all companies they want your money so i would like a non biased opinion. Also what is the process like for Vetassess? Were they very helpful with giving you advice or did they just leave you to get on with it? Any help would be very much appreciated and if there are any question that you had thought of that may help myself or anyone else looking at this thread then again that would be very much appreciated. Thank You.