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  1. Hi all, I'm wondering how safe (in terms of burglaries) kinross is. How important would it be to have security screens on the windows and doors, or for kinross would it ok go without these things?
  2. alycat

    Public maternity care

    Hi all, Just wondering what the public system is like for maternity? How does it work and Is it comparable to NHS? Also would like to any specific information about having a baby at joondalup health campus. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks that's really helpful.
  4. Thanks for the tips! So do these references have to be an actual written out letter reference? I was thinking a reference could just be a name and a contact number/ email?
  5. Yes we are looking for NOR, and I have seen places in merriwa and Quinn's for as low as 260$ aircon 4*2! We don't want to move that far out if we can help it but I guess I'll have to see what's available at the time. We won't need anywhere till June, but thanks!
  6. Ah, so I'm looking at about a week from application to keys then it sounds from your experience. In your opinion do you think personal references can be from people abroad (i.e. Not in Perth)?
  7. Hi all I know that it's a renters market in Perth right now but I'm curious about how easy it actually is to secure a rental? What sort of time frame is it from application to approval? We don't have any rental references so I'm wondering if it will be harder for us? Also there are a few in the $350 price mark we are looking at, would it be far fetched to see if we can negotiate $300 a week if we paid 6months rent in advance?
  8. alycat

    asian here, friend anyone?

    You'll find a lot of asians live south of the river. So in terms of Asian community you might find more there than NOR. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. That's ok.. I had a look on fb and not sure which one to join. Any suggestions on which groups would be good to ask questions about the suburbs? Thanks
  10. Ah I see. Could you tell me from which road is considered ' old quinns'? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the input everyone, I've taken to also looking at the crime stats on the wa police website and in the past 12 months Clarkson has had around 177 assaults& burglaries in the past year (suburbs below burns beach rd are around the 50 mark for both) so I think it might give it a miss! curious to know what Quinn's rocks is like? @The Brownsx5 ?
  12. Is it a safe neighborhood for a young family? We are looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful but safe. Any other suburbs NOR worth suggesting too?
  13. Ah. @Druid Would you say it's a safe neighborhood for a young family? We are looking for a neighborhood that's cheap and cheerful but safe for the little ones.
  14. Ah I see. I thought I was missing something, like the neighborhood wasn't good hence all the rentals coming up. What's Clarkson like these days? i remember about 10 years ago it wasn't so great.
  15. Hi all im looking at renting NOR around joondalup and I'm noticing that there's heaps of rentals in Clarkson/merriwa suburbs. Any reason for this? A lot are the rents are in the low $300 mark.